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I love Japanese food! Due to its great variety, it's definitely a cuisine I wouldn't mind having everyday. So, when I heard Takarajima has opened a branch only a stone's throw away from home, I planned a lunch date with my sister and off we go! We arrived exactly at 12pm and found the restaurant was still empty. The restaurant was smaller than I expected, but well decorated and clean. When we were handed the menu and we flicked through it, we found there was so many dishes to choose from. So we narrowed it to two main courses and two sushi dishes.

Gyutan Don (Rp. 38,000)

My sister ordered the gyutan don, which seems like her all-time favourite dish, because she orders this even at non-Japanese restaurants. Anyway, the gyutan don was pleasant.  The flavours of the soy sauce, sesame oil and garlic were present, however the tongue were sliced too thinly and there was so little of it compared to the amount of rice. A little bit more sauce would've been nice as well.

Tori Karaage Mayo (Rp. 39,500)

I ordered Tori Karaage Mayo as my main course. The karaage was slathered in Japanese mayo, which I love, but, other than that there was not much else going on in this dish. The chicken was barely there and it was not crispy at all. I understand it could've been a little bit soggy due to the mayo, but there was no crunch at all. I would not recommend ordering this dish.

Butterfly roll (Rp. 33,500)

I chose the Butterfly roll as my sushi dish. It had crab stick and avocado inside the roll topped with seared tuna and their "special" sauce. This was my favourite dish of the day. The rice lacked flavour, which I'm finding is a common theme in Jakarta, but the special sauce was tasty and not too rich. The avocado was fresh and very nice with the crab stick and the tuna.

Crunchy Salmon Mentai roll (Rp. 41,000)

The last dish we ordered was the Crunchy Salmon Mentai. This sushi was also tasty. They have mixed chilli into the mayo topping which added a kick to the dish. The filling includes tempura crumbs which was really crispy, so this dish lived up to its crunchy name. 

Overall Takarajima was pleasant, but there is definitely space to improve on their flavours. I would rate it 6.5/10. I recommend ordering their sushi dishes over their main dishes. I would also highly recommend ordering their mint iced ocha, which was so refreshing.

Restaurant Info:
Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya No. 1128
Jakarta Barat
Ph: 021 581 9178

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 Disclaimer: Prices and restaurant info was true on the 12th March 2015. Prices are exclusive of taxes.

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