Bakmi Asiong - Puri Indah

This is going to be a very short  review about a very yummy noodle place I tried recently. I've been wanting to try bakmi Asiong for a while simply because it shares a name with a very special person in my life. Originally I wanted to try bakmi Asiong in Kelapa Gading, but when we went there, they had closed 10 minutes before we arrived and even though they haven't closed the shop, they refused to take any more orders. Then (I'm sure by fate) my sister passed another bakmi Asiong, which is in no way associated with the Kelapa Gading one, whilst driving in Puri, so she bought some for the family to try.

Mie Lebar Campur Special (Rp. 32,000)

My sister ordered the most complete dish on the menu, the mie lebar campur special (wide egg noodles with the lot). Beside the noodle, there was minced pork, half a boiled egg, Chinese pork sausage and fried pork lard. Besides the fried pork lard (which I picked out and threw out) the dish was delicious. Their serving size was very generous especially the meats. The minced pork was a good balance of sweet and savoury, but the rest of the dish lacked salt and pepper.

Mie Lebar Campur Special

Bakmi Asiong was very satisfying. If you're a noodle fan who also loves pork and large portions then this is definitely worth a try. I rate Bakmi Asiong 7/10.

Restaurant Info:
Bakmi Asiong
Jl. Puri Kembangan No. 10
Puri Indah
Ph: 021 9034 7858
Mob: 0896 9104 2833
Open until 4pm only

Disclaimer: All prices and restaurant information was correct on the 12th of March 2015. Prices are exclusive of taxes.

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