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This is a post from my work Christmas dinner. Yes, a whole two months ago! I have no excuse of why I'm uploading this post so long after the actual dinner, but it was a memorable dinner so it felt like it was just yesterday! This year (I mean last year) the big boss was very generous and took us all to Matilda Bay Restaurant for our Christmas function. It was indeed memorable because of the food and more so because Santa Claus actually made an appearance! Good things happen in Matilda Bay!

Pumpkin Carpaccio ($24)

To begin what will be a very fulfilling dinner was the pumpkin carpaccio. This dish was light, but packed a lot of flavour. Even though the pumpkin was so thinly sliced, it was aromatic and was still the dominant flavour in the dish. Such a great dish for Summer. 

Prawns ($28)

Mr. T ordered the prawns for his entree. The prawns were delicious, it was sweet and juicy and charred to perfection. The chickpeas was tasty and cooked perfectly.

Marron ($52)

For mains I chose the marron. This was a winner dish! Like the prawns the meat of the marron was juicy and tender and flavourful. The marron was served on a bed of Thai-inspired salad and it was delicious. There was fried dough scattered throughout the salad and that made it even more delicious! Of course the marron was the hero of the dish though. 

Sirlon 350g ($56)

Mr. T, being Mr. T ordered the sirloin steak, which turned out to be a monster of a meal. The meat was huge! It was cooked perfectly and the mushroom sauce was delicious. I still preferred my marron though!

Chocolate Tart ($18)

To close the meal I chose the chocolate tart. This was actually a little bit disappointing. The chocolate ganache filling was really tough to cut through and difficult to chew, so it was like eating a block of very creamy chocolate. The peppermint chocolate mousse was yum though!

Doughnut ($18)

Mr. T's doughnut, on the other hand, was an absolute winner. The texture was actually similar to a cronut, it was crunchy on the inside and there were visible layers of fluffy pastry inside. The doughnut itself wasn't too sweet, and it was warm so it was perfect with  the vanilla ice cream on the side. Scrump-diddly-umptious!!!

Overall, as is obvious by my raving, everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meals on this night. For me the winners were the marron and doughnut! I have revisited the Matilda Bay restaurant website and their current menu is no longer featuring the marron, so I hope I haven't given anyone false hope!

Ratings: /10
Food: 9
Price: 7
Atmosphere: 9
Service: 9
Overall: 8.5/10

Restaurant information:

Matilda Bay
3 Hackett Drive
Ph: 9423 5000

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Low Key Catch Up at Chow House - Leederville

What's better than an overabundance of Chinese food on Chinese New Year? Eating it with your best buddies of course! My final meal of the Chinese New year weekend was spent at Low Key Chow House. When we decided to catch up on this date, we didn't even realise it was going to be over the CNY weekend, so we thought this was very fitting.

Yee Sang (Small $16)

Mantou Buns ($16.50)

This year, none of us were going to be getting any angpao, but we felt very lucky that Low Key was offering Yee Sang over the weekend, so we just had to order it! We all loved stirring up and eating the yee sang. All the ingredients were fresh and the textures were great, but I did wish the sauce was a bit thicker and tastier.

As the second entree we ordered the mantou with pork belly. Well, this was an absolute delight to eat. The pork belly was tasty and crispy and the bao bun was soft and fluffy.

Crab ($30)

Gaeng Khiao ($30)

For the mains we ordered the Singaporean chilli soft shell crab and the duck green curry. We loved both dishes. The soft shell crab was crispy and the sauce was perfectly thick and spicy. The dish packed a lot of flavour and it was great eaten with a bowl of warm steamed rice.

As for the duck, the curry sauce was creamy and delicious. I would've liked the skin of the duck to be crispier, but the meat was nice and tender.\

Overall we highly enjoyed our dinner. Everything was tasty the service was attentive. The baos and the crab had to be my favourites of the night.

Ratings: /10
Food: 8
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 9
Service: 9
Overall: 8.3/10

Restaurant information

Low Key Chow House
140 Oxford Street
Ph: 9443 9305

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The Only Membership I want is to The Hummus Club - Northbridge

Okay, so I've been totally late in joining The Hummus Club bandwagon. But, when Mrs. M came to play, I knew exactly where to take her. She is, after all, a self-proclaimed hummus connoisseur. Fortunately for us, on the night we visited we were able to get seats relatively quickly. This means we can enjoy our hummus as soon as possible.

Mushroom Hummus ($17)

Hummus ($14)

Mrs. M and I ended up over-ordering on the hummus. Despite the recommendation of only getting one hummus, we got two. No regrets there as they were both delicious. The hummus with mushroom was my favourite as I loved the added aroma of the mushroom. But, both hummus were thick, smooth and perfectly garlicky.

Falafel ($14)

For one of the mains we ordered the falafel. These were crispy on the outside and soft and slightly crumbly on the inside. The flavours of the falafel itself was very subtle so it went great with the pickles!

Zaatar Chicken ($16)

Another main we ordered was the Zaatar Chicken. This had to be our favourite dish of the night! Those chicken pieces were battered perfectly, it was so crispy you could probably hear the crunch from another table. The dish came with a garlic toum, have no idea what that is, but it was absolutely delicious! Could not get enough of the garlic!

Brownie ($11)

Not to over order on the desserts we decided to share the brownie. The brownie was chocolatey, dense but still fluffy enough. It was a very decadent brownie and I thought it was perfectly satisfying without the added fairy floss and cream!

Well, what a great night at the Hummus Club. Even Mrs. M the hummus connoisseur was impressed Now that I've jumped on the the Hummus Club bandwagon I won't be coming off!

Ratings: /10
Food: 9
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 7
Service: 9
Overall: 8/10

Restaurant information

The Hummus Club
258 William Street
Ph: 9227 8215
Website: thehummusclub.com

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