Falling into Angel Falls Grill - Perth

When Mrs. M came back to P-town for a few days, she wanted to try something different. Well, Angel Falls Grill came to mind! When you can hardly understand a menu because it's in a foreign language, it's bound to be different right? So, we made reservations for a Friday night and off we went.

When we arrived the place was absolutely buzzing. Every seat was filled and there was even live music. Impressive for a relatively small restaurant.

Empanadas ($14)

For entrees we ordered the empanadas, which were nice. The flavours were nice but I would've liked more of the filling in each one. Also I thought the empanadas were a bit too oily.

Roraima Arepa ($20)

Mrs. M chose the Roraima in the Arepa. This dish was steak strip, chorizo and chicken wrapped in a flat bread. When this dish arrived, it looked small, but as she dug in, there was an endless amount of meat! I tried a little bit of this dish. The green aioli tasted great and added a nice moisture to the dish. The flat bread was nice a fluffy and the meats tasted great too.

Pabellon Cachapa ($16)

I ordered the Pabellon in the Cachapa. This dish was pulled pork with beans and feta wrapped sweet corn pancake. This was an interesting dish. I would've like some kind of sauce in the dish as it was a bit dry. But, the pork was nice a tender and I love beans, so that was great. The pancake was not as fluffy as I would've liked, but it was very interesting texture and flavour.

So, we had fun during our dinner at Angel Falls Grill and it was certainly different.

Ratings: /10
Food: 7
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 7
Service: 7
Overall: 7/10

Restaurant information

Angel Falls Grill
Shop 16, Shafto Lane
Ph: 9481 6222

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Corner of Nasi Lemak and Sedap Place - East Victoria Park

One place that never seems to slow down is Sedap Place. Everytime I've passed this place there seems to be a crowd trying to get in. So, one day Miss A and I planned ahead and made reservations to try this place.

We've heard a lot of feedback about this place, what dishes were popular and what were not so popular. So we chose two of the most talked about dishes. The roti telur bawang and the nasi lemak.

Roti Telur Bawang with Chicken Curry

The roti telur bawang was great. Some parts were perfectly crispy and other parts were perfectly soft and fluffy. We liked the dhal that came with it, but the chicken curry was just okay. The chicken still had bones in them and were cut in funny cuts so we had to be careful eating as to not to hurt our teeth on the bones. Also, the chicken curry was a bit too spicy for me. 

Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang

The nasi lemak came next. We thought the nasi lemak was okay, not great. The rice was nice a fluffy, but not very fragrant. The best part of the dish was the rendang. The beef was tender and the sauce smelled great and tasted great too.

So, we liked Sedap Place, but we didn't love all the food we had. We have heard that their noodle dishes are great, so will have to try those next time!

Ratings: /10
Food: 6.5
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 6
Service: 7
Overall: 6.6/10

Restaurant information

Sedap Place 
876 Albany Highway
East Victoria Park
Ph: 6161 0741

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Ramen Said "Eat Me" - Perth

It's raining ramen in Perth right now. It seems like a new ramen bar is opening on every corner of every street. One of the latest is Eat Me Ramen Bar. Yesterday I finally had the chance to try Eat Me and here's what I thought.

Umami Bomb ($15)

From the small list of ramens available, I chose the Midnight Sun. The broth is on the thick side,which I like. The broth does get richer as you get to the bottom of the bowl, so it's best to stir well before eating. Even then, the flavours of this ramen are subtle, the smokiness from the pork belly was one of the strongest flavour. But, I loved all the toppings that came with the ramen. There was corn, butter, egg and the pork belly!


Midnight Sun ($15)

Mr. T ordered the Midnight Sun. When his bowl arrived we were a bit disappointed, it looked like plain noodles in broth. But, as he stirred all the toppings underneath the noodles surfaced. The pork belly, boiled egg and mushrooms. I thought the flavour of this ramen was much stronger and better than the umami bomb despite how it looked. 

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch at Eat Me Ramen Bar, would definitely be having the midnight sun when we revisit!

Ratings: /10
Food: 7
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 6
Service: 7
Overall: 6.8/10

Restaurant information

Eat me Ramen bar
110 Barrack Street
Ph: 0422 810 239

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Me and U-Bento - Perth

While we were in Melbourne and enjoying the gyu tan don at Menya Ramen, we heard that Perth has its own delicious gyu tan don in a new-ish restaurant, U-Bento. So, after we arrived back in Perth we tried U-Bento as soon as possible. Here's what we thought.

Gyu tan don ($12.90)

Well, obviously we ordered the gyu tan don. It certainly looked very similar to the one at Menya ramen, but it was considerably smaller. I didn't mind though as it was a few dollars cheaper. So, I thought the tongue was cut a little too thinly, the flavour was very nice, but a little too salty as, so more rice was needed per spoonful to balance it out. I liked how there wasn't too much rice in the bowl, so there was a good balance of quantities of ox tongue and rice.

Unagi don ($12.90)

Another dish we tried was the unagi don. On first glance, it looked very impressive, for the price they were generous with the toppings, especially with the unagi. I loved the flavour of the unagi and the egg individually, but when eaten together the flavours of the egg overpowered the unagi.

Black garlic ramen ($12.90)

We also tried the black garlic ramen. This dish smelled amazing! It looked amazing too! Well, this ramen was certainly garlicky. I thought the garlic was too overpowering at times, but the chashu and the egg tasted great.

Overall, we enjoyed our dinner at U-Bento. The gyu tan don was similar to the one at Menya ramen, but I would have to say Menya is still the clear winner. I thought everything was well priced and the dishes were all tasty.

Ratings: /10
Food: 7
Value: 8
Atmosphere: 7
Service: 7
Overall: 7.3/10

Restaurant information

144 Murray Street
Ph: 9218 9938

Last Minute Brunch at Hardware Societe - Melbourne

As long time residents of Perth, we were not aware of the impact the ANZAC Day Parade had on the roads and shops in the Melbourne CBD. So, Mr. T and I wandered around the CBD to realise many of the places we wanted to explore were shut. Fortunately for us, Hardware Societe was open and we were able to get seats without queuing! I call that, meant to be. 

I've visited Hardware Societe many years ago, but have forgotten just how adorable this cafe is. Luckily for us, we were seated on the bench in front of the kitchen, so we got to watch how all the dishes were plated. A show and breakfast!

Lobster Eggs Benedict ($26)

So, Mr. T decided to order the lobster eggs benedict following the advice of our waitress. This dish was certainly tasty, the hollandaise sauce was the right amount of tart and perfectly creamy. The lobster tasted light and fresh and went great with everything else. We did think the portion, especially for the price, was small. If you're looking for a hearty breakfast, this one is not for you!

Grebiche Trout ($25)

I ordered the grebiche trout. This dish, unlike the lobster benedict, was quite filling. The trout mixture was dense, creamy and tasty, it went great with the poached egg. The potato salad, on the other hand, was not creamy, which was great as it wasn't too heavy. 

Overall, I enjoyed my breakfast, but Mr. T was left wanting more, so I gave him some of mine! As I said we were able to watch how the dishes were plated from our table, and one dish we saw seemed tempting. It was the pork belly and fried eggs dish. As I can't say we'll be back anytime soon to try it, I highly recommend you guys to try it!

Ratings: /10
Food: 8
Value: 6
Atmosphere: 8
Service: 7.5
Overall: 7.4/10

Restaurant information

Hardware Societe
120 Hardware Street
Ph: (03) 9078 5992

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