The Trustee - Perth

Mr. T and I have some news, we're engaged! Dinner at The Trustee was the start to the special night. I was actually the one to plan this dinner as I wanted to use a gift voucher that was near expired! So this night was not only special because of what happened, but also because of the food and also because we paid next to nothing for the dinner! This night couldn't get any better! Literally! The reason I chose The Trustee was to try their dessert degustation and it did not disappoint.

Escargot ($23)

The Raw Kitchen - Fremantle

I love my meat, processed foods, and everything that's tasty but bad for you. So, when the Raw Kitchen came on the scene a while ago, I was not keen. But then I met Jess. She was my first, legit, vegetarian friend. I continually asked her about her life choices, completely ignorant of the ever growing vegetarian and vegan etc. culture around me. But, I absolutely respect her. This is not a fad or obligation for her, she does it from the heart. However, when we plan to meet up, I always hit a brick wall. We've been to Mexican restaurants, but there's only so many beans two friends can take. So I suggested The Raw Kitchen. I've heard great things, I've never been and it would easily satisfy both our needs. (I'm totally kidding about the beans comment by the way, I'd happily eat burritos for the rest of my life.)

Flora & Fauna - Northbridge

There are rare occasions where I wake up and feel like eating healthy. On one of those rare occasions, my mind immediately thought of Flora & Fauna. Photos of food from F&F have been popping up everywhere and everything looked so colourful and healthy! So, Mrs. M and I made a trip to F&F, and to top of my healthy stint, I walked there! Which turned out to have been a horrible idea as it started pouring halfway through the walk. Despite the weather, and F&F's very tiny cafe, we both still really enjoyed the food!

Zebras African Steakhouse - Bicton

My two favourite four-lettered words are "food" and "sale". So when a friend told me Zebras African Steakhouse has steak specials every Wednesday, we quickly made reservations and made our way down to Bicton. The night became merrier than expected, what was supposed to be a party of four, turned into a party of 11!

Zebras African Steakhouse is a large, but inconspicuous restaurant, tucked away on Point Walter Road. As we made our way into the restaurant, we couldn't help but feel we just walked into Africa, with the many and appropriate decorations. 

Game Tasting Plate ($46)

Red Chair Cafe - Subiaco

The Red Chair Cafe in Subiaco claims to serve the "Best Laksa in Perth". You know what? I think they're right! This gem was another find by Mr. T, who chanced upon this cafe whilst working at a client's office nearby. Ever since then, we've been back numerous times to enjoy their delicious Laksa Lemak. 

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