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I love my meat, processed foods, and everything that's tasty but bad for you. So, when the Raw Kitchen came on the scene a while ago, I was not keen. But then I met Jess. She was my first, legit, vegetarian friend. I continually asked her about her life choices, completely ignorant of the ever growing vegetarian and vegan etc. culture around me. But, I absolutely respect her. This is not a fad or obligation for her, she does it from the heart. However, when we plan to meet up, I always hit a brick wall. We've been to Mexican restaurants, but there's only so many beans two friends can take. So I suggested The Raw Kitchen. I've heard great things, I've never been and it would easily satisfy both our needs. (I'm totally kidding about the beans comment by the way, I'd happily eat burritos for the rest of my life.)

Soup of the Day

For our lunch, Jess chose the soup of the day. I didn't tell her that I was secretly disappointed, I was hoping she'd the pad thai made of zucchini noodles, so I could try as well. Oh well, I guess another visit is in order. Back to the soup, the soup was carrot, potato and celeriac soup with a side of quinoa bread. According to Jess, the soup was not as tasty as she'd hope. The bread also didn't look like it had quinoa as part of its ingredient, but it was good bread nonetheless. Overall, a good soup for a cold weather, but not the best soup she's tasted.

Yellow Coconut Curry ($27)

On the other hand, I ordered on of the heartiest meals you could probably order here, the yellow coconut curry. I love yellow and I love coconut milk, so I knew I'd love this dish, and I did! The curry contained Margaret river lupin tempeh, sweet potato and broccoli, swimming in a rich and tasty curry sauce. All the components of this dish was cooked perfectly. The sauce was what made the dish and I was so glad there was so much of it! It was flavoursome, rich and creamy with only the tiniest hint of spiciness which was perfect for me. The quinoa as a replacement for rice was also the perfect accompaniment. I also loved how much of the fried shallot they sprinkled onto the curry, it added a nice aroma and crunch to the curry. 10/10 for this dish!

We also highly recommend their drinks. I tried the mango lassi which I thought I was not going to be able to finish after the curry, but I proved myself wrong because I couldn't stop sipping through it. The mango lassi was not too sweet which was perfect as the fresh mango flavour really came through. Jess tried the joy tonic kombucha, which tasted like a weak soda, but instantly lifted her moods, apparently. We loved both the food and drinks that we had here. Based on this visit I would rate the Raw Kitchen an 8.5/10!

Restaurant Information:

The Raw Kitchen
181A High Street
Ph: 9433 4647
Facebook: The Raw Kitchen
Instagram: @rawkitchenfreo

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Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 12th Sept 2015. Prices inclusive of 10% GST.

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