Lucioli - Claremont

Anyone remember Lily Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother? Well, I'm the Lily Aldrin in my family! I love birthdays! I love my birthday, I love Mr. T's birthday, I love my parents' and siblings' birthdays! Heck I love my neighbour's, who I don't even know, birthday! Well, two weekends ago was my birthday. It happened on a Sunday, which meant I had to be at work, so obviously, I made everyone celebrate it on the Saturday.

Las Empanadas - Various Locations

Before today I've never tried empanadas. I first heard of empanadas on Modern Family, where Gloria's empanadas were rejected by Manny because his, then, girlfriend told him it has too much saturated fats. Since then, I've wanted to try authentic empanadas. I've seen pictures and imagined it was similar to a chicken pastie. That all changed when Mrs. M told me I had to try Las Empanadas and right now they're conveniently located at Food Amongst the Flowers in Claremont Quarter.

OEC Bob Cafe - Northbridge

The past couple of weeks have been crazy hectic! What with my birthday and my parents and aunty visiting from Jakarta, we've had a lot of reasons to celebrate, but, that means I've been neglecting my blog a little bit and I've missed it! Well, I'm back and I'm here to write about OEC Bob cafe, a new-ish cafe on Newcastle Street, Northbridge. With the Tuck Shop and Old Crow, so close by, this cafe has big name competitions!

My dad and I visited OEC Bob on a Friday for lunch. Just before going, I had a quick squizz on Zomato to see the rating and was a little apprehensive after seeing it was rated lowly. However, my curiosity got the better of me and we headed here anyway. Before arriving we had no idea what sort of cuisine was on offer and when we arrived we were even more confused as the decor was very eccentric! After looking at the menu, it became clear they served Western breakfast dishes and Japanese lunches.

Fairy Green Tea Latte ($7)

City Farm Cafe - East Perth

So last week, I did something I've never done before... brunched alone! With my work schedule allowing me only one weekend day off, it can be difficult to plan things with friends and family who are on a 8-5 Monday to Friday schedule. So I took the liberty of going to brunch by myself... and I loved it!

I decided on a place I've always wanted to try, but no-one else, in my circle, seemed interested in! That place was the City Farm Cafe in East Perth. I loved the garden atmosphere, it was kind of like brunching in someone's backyard. 

Kung Fu Hot Pot - Northbridge

My family and I love a good hot pot! We even have hot pot parties at home. Combine this love with the love of eating out, we were happy to discover Kung Fu Hot Pot in Northbridge. I first came across this restaurant whilst brunching in Tuck Shop, as I was eating I noticed there was a massive crowd outside of what was then Kung Fu Kitchen. After brunch I walked across and saw Kung Fu Kitchen's menu and everything looked so appetising. Fast forward a few months, Kung Fu Kitchen has closed and opened an even bigger restaurant around the corner, Kung Fu Hot Pot, to be able to cater to the demand!

Brika - Northbridge

It was a cold Monday evening, 6 pm rolled by and I had dinner plans with Mrs. M at 7 pm and had promised to handle the restaurant reservation, but was totally swamped at work! I thank God for whoever invented Dimmi, the online reservation website, and Brika who was able to take a reservation just half an hour before we were due to arrive!

Even though we had a hectic day and evening to begin with, the catch up was really relaxing and enjoyable and it was largely due to the friendly and helpful service by everyone at Brika. When we arrived we were not happy with our seating, but they were more than accomodating in allowing us to sit outside near a heater, which was really lovely. 

Pacific Rim Mix Plate - Applecross

Pacific Rim Mix Plate is a tiny restaurant tucked away in Applecross. It is located where a dilapidated deli used to be and now it's full of life and brimming with customers. When you walk into the tiny restaurant you might doubt the quality of the food, but don't judge the food by the restaurant, because they always serve winning foods here!

Pacific Rim serves Japanese and Hawaiian fusion foods, which is totally unique in Perth and that's part of it's charm. They do serve the traditional Japanese flavours such as katsu-ed and teriyaki-ed meats, but their fusion flavours are much more appealing!

Maui Chicken bites W ($12.50) with Sweet Wasabi Sauce

The Standard - Northbridge

What's better than catching up with friends and dining out to finish off hump day? Nothing! So, a couple of friends and I ventured down to The Standard in Northbridge. I was intrigued by this place after walking past it to eat at Northbridge Chinese Restaurant. For as long as I can remember the building that is now The Standard was a nondescript deli, now even though the facade has changed very little, it is certainly attention grabbing.

The menu was tapas style with a range of cuisines available. Though we did not plan it, it seemed we were attracted to the Asian inspired dishes.

Fava Chips ($9)

Chimek - Fremantle

The past week it feels like Winter has well and truly arrived, although it's still rather warm. Well, on Saturday, after a sprinkling of rain we "braved" the weather and headed to Fremantle Markets to check out Chimek. We were dressed as if we were going to face a storm, but gradually we had to peel down the layers one by one as we realised the sprinkling of rain was all we were going to get.

So, Chimek! Chimek, like The DON burgers has been going crazy on social media. I've been craving to taste this for myself. If the photos were anything to go by, then we were in for a treat!

Dak Gang Jeong chicken wings ($10)
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