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The past week it feels like Winter has well and truly arrived, although it's still rather warm. Well, on Saturday, after a sprinkling of rain we "braved" the weather and headed to Fremantle Markets to check out Chimek. We were dressed as if we were going to face a storm, but gradually we had to peel down the layers one by one as we realised the sprinkling of rain was all we were going to get.

So, Chimek! Chimek, like The DON burgers has been going crazy on social media. I've been craving to taste this for myself. If the photos were anything to go by, then we were in for a treat!

Dak Gang Jeong chicken wings ($10)

When we arrived in Fremantle Markets, we made a beeline straight to Chimek. Fortunately for us when we arrived, there was no queue and there were available seats right nearby. So we started looking at the menu and we must've took a while looking because eventually the lady asked if we wanted anything and then offered us free wings to try! We tried the dak gang jeong and gochujang flavour. We both instantly fell in love with the dak gang jeong and ordered a serving of that. 

The food came out promptly and we were given disposable gloves to wear and eat the chicken wings with. The chicken wings were crispy, saucy and sticky. They were bags of flavour and so much fun to eat. Even with the thick layer of dak gan jeong sauce, the skin was still crunchy and added a really nice texture against the soft and warm chicken. The sauce was mostly sweet, but was also savoury and had a hint of heat. I like how they gave us gloves to eat the chicken with, but it made it more difficult to lick your gloved fingers clean of the sauce! I suggest having wet wipes ready and ditch the gloves altogether.

Charcoal Beef Burger ($10)

The second item we ordered was the charcoal beef burger. We ordered this purely because of the black bun! It turns out I loved the burger more than the chicken! The bun was soft and kind of flattened under the tiniest pressure, but this made the burger really easy to eat. The beef patty was also soft and fell apart easily. The only vegetables in the burger was the caramelised onions, which added tons of flavour to the burger. There was also mayonaise in the burger which was either originally grey or was blackened by the bun, but it was also delicious.

We were so full after our lunch, that we decided to take away their black seed sesame cheescake ($7). We dug into it later that day for after noon tea and also loved it! the flavour of the black sesame seed dominated, and it wasn't too sweet. Although the biscuit base was a little soggy by the time we ate it.

We loved our quick lunch at Chimek. The prices were more than reasonable and the flavours were unique and left us wanting more! I would rate it 8.5/10.

Restaurant information

Stall 104A Fremantle Markets
(Corner of South Terrace and Henderson Street)
Ph: 0401 886 886
Facebook: Chimek
Instagram: @chimek_chimek

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Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 20th June 2015.

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