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Before today I've never tried empanadas. I first heard of empanadas on Modern Family, where Gloria's empanadas were rejected by Manny because his, then, girlfriend told him it has too much saturated fats. Since then, I've wanted to try authentic empanadas. I've seen pictures and imagined it was similar to a chicken pastie. That all changed when Mrs. M told me I had to try Las Empanadas and right now they're conveniently located at Food Amongst the Flowers in Claremont Quarter.

Las Empanadas has the cutest stall and everything was so well presented. They have three different empanadas on offer, beef, chicken and cheese and corn. Of course, we just had to try all the flavours!

Chicken Empanadas ($7 each)

The first empanadas we dug into was the chicken one. So, first I just have to mention that I love how they sprinkled icing sugar on the empanadas, it made it look like Christmas and it worked amazingly well with all the savoury flavours. The chicken filling was tasty, the chicken was tender and well cooked, we loved how the filling was creamy, reminiscent of a light butter chicken, and there was tiny hint of spiciness in the sauce. It was deliciousness in every bite.

Cheese and Corn Empanadas ($5 each)

We then moved on to the cheese and corn empanadas. As I cut into it, I loved how the cheese was all melted and gooey. The corn was juicy and sweet and was amazing against the cheese, it was like a parcel of sweet and savoury goodness! I do recommend eating this one while it's hot. I left it for too long whilst trying to get a good picture, I could imagine it would've tasted even better while it was piping hot.

Beef Empanadas ($8 each)

The last empanada we tried was the beef. This was my favourite of the three! The scotch fillet beef was tender and fell apart so easily with every bite. The flavour was similar to a beef taco, but very delicate and refined. I have heard that they use only premium ingredients and everything has been hand cut carefully, well this was projected into the flavours and quality of each empanada. The pastry of the empanadas was also amazing, they were nearly paper thin, but, held their shape perfectly and did not allow the sauce to soak through. The pastry was also very delicate and soft, but still has a substantial bite to it.

Lychee Panna Cotta ($7)

The last item we tried was their lychee panna cotta. It looked adorable and tasted like a panna cotta and lychee should! Also, the colour of the berry sauce on top was so vibrant and inviting. The panna cotta was the perfect texture, soft and not too gelatinous. The flavour of the lychee was strong, it was sweet but the sourness of the berry sauce balanced it well. It was a great dessert to finish off our empanadas feast!

We loved everything we tried today! It was apparent that everything was made with the highest quality and care and the flavours were amazing. We will definitely be back for more! Make sure to follow their Facebook page to know their latest locations!

Stall Information:

Las Empanadas
Various Locations
Ph: 0424 148 228
Facebook:  Las Empanadas
Instagram: @lasempanadasco

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Disclaimer: Stall information and prices were true and correct on 25th July 2015. Prices included 10% GST.

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