Sparrow Indonesian Restaurant - Highgate

As my family originated from Indonesia, there is a special spot in our hearts for Indonesian food. There are a few Indonesian restaurants around Perth and one of our favourite has to be Sparrow Indonesian Restaurant. This place must be a favourite of a lot of other people as well as there are always large crowds dining in and buying take-away every day and night they are open!

I had lunch with mum and her friend who was visiting from Bandung, Indonesia. I hadn't planned on taking them to Sparrow as they were actually going back to Indonesia soon, where they can eat Indonesian food to their hearts' content. But, ironically they were both craving Indonesian food and mum's friend was desperate to try Sparrow after hearing our raving reviews. We purposely chose lunch time to increase our chances of getting a comfortable table

Ikan Asam Pedas - Fish fillet in hot and sour sauce ($10)

Pun of The Day

The Gaya - Applecross

One fine Wednesday night, a friend of mine invited a bunch of us out for dinner to celebrate his birthday at The Gaya. I've been to The Gaya once before and was neither impressed or disappointed, it was just so-so. This time though, the experience was a much more pleasant one (and the fact the birthday boy paid for everything made it even better! Ha!)

Little Ying Thai - Victoria Park

Perth is home to some pretty amazing Thai restaurants. Two of my all time favourite Thai restaurants has to be Vipa Thai in Myaree and Red Basil in Victoria Park. Only recently was I introduced to Little Ying Thai. Mum was treated by a friend to dinner at Little Ying Thai, and she came home raving about the food. She actually wouldn't stop talking about it until we all tried it. So we picked a date, reserved a table and carpooled to this small and inconspicuous Thai restaurant. 

Little did we know, this place already has a large number of loyal and returning clientele! It was definitely a smart move to have made a reservation ahead of time as the small restaurant was filled to the brim already when we arrived. They actually had to turn away customers who weren't willing to wait. 

Prawn Tom Yum ($17.90)

Duckstein Brewery - Margaret River

Our three day trip down south was accompanied by pouring rain and cold weather. But, we still enjoyed and loved every minute of it! On our second day, we ventured down to Margaret River from Dunsborough. We actually thought we were being really organised by reserving a table two days before our arrival, however they lost our reservation anyway. But, it worked in our favour, we were given a table outside which many people were avoiding due to the bad weather. However, for the hour we were there, there was nothing but blue skies.

Mojo's Restaurant - Bunbury

When I told people my family and I were going down south in the middle of July, their response was one of confusion and disbelief. Most responses were "But, it's going to be cold?"or "Why now, in the middle of Winter?". Well they were right to be confused. Our three day trip down South was accompanied with gloomy weather and heavy rains. But, that didn't stop us from having fun and enjoying good food! 

On our drive to Dunsborough, we made a lunch stop at Mojo's Restaurant. This place was chosen, not because we've heard of it, or were dying to try a dish at the restaurant, but, simply because we had an Entertainment Book voucher!

Barque - East Fremantle

The birthday celebrations continues!

In my family, it's very rare that my parents would eat two Western food meals in one day, I wanted to have dinner somewhere fancier than a Chinese restaurant, but would cater to the Asian needs of my family. That's how we ended up at Barque!

Let me start by praising their impeccable service. I called them a few times to make changes to my reservation, the number of people and the time, and they were more than accommodating. As we had a party of nine, we were given their private dining room, which was really lovely and made the dinner that much more special! Thanks Barque!

Fresh Young Coconut ($8)

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