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Our three day trip down south was accompanied by pouring rain and cold weather. But, we still enjoyed and loved every minute of it! On our second day, we ventured down to Margaret River from Dunsborough. We actually thought we were being really organised by reserving a table two days before our arrival, however they lost our reservation anyway. But, it worked in our favour, we were given a table outside which many people were avoiding due to the bad weather. However, for the hour we were there, there was nothing but blue skies.

Potato Skins ($10)
Pan Fried Potatoes ($11)

Once we were seated, we deliberated over the menu quickly and as there was nine of us, we ended up ordering the majority of the menu. 

For entree we ordered both the potato skins and the pan fried potatoes. Both were tasty, the potato skins being the favourite due to the fact it was deep fried. However, I must mention the pan fried tomatoes was topped with a very generous amount of bacon and onions, it was a meal in itself!

Fish and Chips ($28)

To start the meal was the fish and chips. The fish was a red spot emperor with Pilsner beer batter. The fish was cooked well and not at all oily, however lacked a little seasoning, which was rectified easily! There was also a very generous amount of crunchy delicious chips which we unfortunately could not finish after our two entrees!

Pork Schnitzel ($29)

A dish we unanimously agreed to order was the pork schnitzel as we all saw it served to another table and it looked like too good to pass! I mean, pork and deep fried! Well true to its appearance, this dish was delicious. The pork was tender and tasty and crumbed perfectly. The mushroom gravy was flavoursome, with lots of sliced mushrooms adding a nice soft texture to the dish. There was two options for this dish, a side of fries and salad and we actually ordered two dishes and both sides!

Duckstein Goulasch ($35)

This next dish, the Duckstein Goulasch, was completely foreign to me. I've never had goulash before or the spaetzle that came with it. After some research I found out goulash is a European beef stew and spaetzle is German's version of noodle shaped like tiny dumplings. Well, whatever they were, together they were delicious. The spaetzle was soft with a tiny bit chewy, on its own flavourless, but interesting texture. The goulash reminded me of a curry, the beef was very soft and pulled apart easily and the sauce was thick and delicious!

Grill Plate for Two ($66)

To top everything off, we also ordered the grill plate! This was a monster dish. As well as two large bratwurst sausages, there was a smoked kassler chop, pan fried potatoes (I can't handle anymore potatoes!!) and sauerkraut. I'm not the biggest fan of sauerkraut, but apart from that everything else was satisfying. The sausages was delicious and the kassler chop was a tad too salty for me, but very interesting. The kassler chop reminded of Spam, except you can tell it's made with quality cut meat! Overall a very fulfilling dish.

Despite the rocky start to our lunch, Duckstein Brewery redeemed itself by providing us with a tasty and satisfying lunch! We all walked away very happy. I would rate Duckstein 7.5/10.

Restaurant Information:

Duckstein Brewery
3517 Caves Road
Ph: 9755 6500
Facebook: Duckstein Brewery

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Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 18th July 2015. Prices were inclusive of 10% GST.

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