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Perth is home to some pretty amazing Thai restaurants. Two of my all time favourite Thai restaurants has to be Vipa Thai in Myaree and Red Basil in Victoria Park. Only recently was I introduced to Little Ying Thai. Mum was treated by a friend to dinner at Little Ying Thai, and she came home raving about the food. She actually wouldn't stop talking about it until we all tried it. So we picked a date, reserved a table and carpooled to this small and inconspicuous Thai restaurant. 

Little did we know, this place already has a large number of loyal and returning clientele! It was definitely a smart move to have made a reservation ahead of time as the small restaurant was filled to the brim already when we arrived. They actually had to turn away customers who weren't willing to wait. 

Prawn Tom Yum ($17.90)

Moving on the food, the first dish served was the prawn tom yom soup. As soon as the soup was placed down we all could smell the fragrant aroma and we all started drooling. We ordered the main size of the soup and there was plenty of prawns, mushrooms and tomatoes for everyone to enjoy. The soup itself was the perfect amount of spicy and sour, every slurp was refreshing and left us wanting more!

Five Star Salad ($18.90)

The dish which I personally chose was the five star salad. This salad was made of crispy deep fried prawns and squid, mixed with onion, shallot, coriander and cashew nuts. The dressing was a spicy and sweet lemon dressing. This dish turned out to be my favourite dish. The prawns and squid was fresh and juicy, just as the vegetables were. The dressing was sweet and spicy and elevated the flavours of the seafood. For a mainly deep fried dish, it tasted very light and healthy!

Green Curry ($15.90)

The chicken green curry was another popular dish at our table. As expected the curry was smooth and creamy, with a strong hit of coconut aroma. The chicken consisted of chicken breast fillet which has well absorbed the flavours of the curry sauce and was tasty on its own.

Beef Pad Khing ($15.90)

This next dish, the beef pad khing was a so-so dish. This dish was made of sliced beef, ginger and stir fried vegetables. It was a tasty dish, however it didn't blow anyone away.

Moo-Yang ($18.90)

A dish that did blow us all away was the moo-yang. The moo- yang was a dish made of charcoal grilled pork and served with a homemade tamarind chilli sauce. The pork was sliced thinly and was very tender. On its own the pork slices were tasty, but that tamarind sauce made it even more delicious. We finished this dish nearly as soon as it was served! Definitely a must have when dining at Little Ying Thai.

Barramundi with Homemade Spicy Lemongrass Sauce ($24.90)

The last dish we ordered was the barramundi with homemade spicy lemongrass sauce. It was the most expensive dish of the night, but we got what we paid for. Instead of little pieces of fish, there was two humongous slices of battered and deep fried barramundi. The fish was cooked perfectly, being crispy on the outside, tender and moist on the inside. The batter was light and absorbed all the lemongrass sauce, which made it a delight to eat. The sauce was another tasty spicy and sour sauce, which we couldn't get enough of.

Little Ying Thai has easily become another one of my family's favourite Thai restaurant! I would rate it 9/10. 

If you're looking for a good Thai restaurant for a decent price then I highly recommend Little Ying Thai! But don't forget reservations are essential to avoid disappointment!

Restaurant Information:

Little Ying Thai
Shop 3, 895 Albany Highway
Victoria Park
Ph: 9362 3899

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Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 25th July 2015. Prices inclusive of 10% GST.

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