Microwave Oreo Brownies

I've always been fascinated by microwave cakes ever since I saw an episode of Masterchef Australia two years ago and a contestant made a microwave cake in the last two minutes of their cooking time. This was the first I've ever heard of the cooking method, I never knew it was possible! I immediately Googled it and found out it's a method that has been around for a while. At that time I was too lazy to do anything about it. Well I was too lazy up till yesterday...

My sister saw this recipe on anakjajan.com (full link below). You should totally follow them by the way, their pictures and reviews are amazing!

Anyway, because time is something that I have plenty of right now, and I love Oreos, I decided I would do something about it now. 

Babi Panggang Atek - A Happy Accident

Our family day trips continue! Kind of, this time we trekked to Serpong, only half an hour away from Jakarta. My dad was actually going for business matters but the family couldn't resist tagging along as the relatively new Ikea store is there as well!

So as stated in the title this food review happened due to a happy accident. We were actually lookin forward to have lunch in a Padang restaurant that we heard was really delicious. When we got there, they were... closed. With disappointed hearts and empty stomachs we drove away. Luckily for us, there was another restaurant strip just across the street. We drove slowly past all the restaurants and one that stood out was Babi Panggang Atek (Atek's Roast Pork) due to the "Congratulations on the Grand Opening" signs that they displayed outside the door. Plus, they had air conditioning! A big tick in Jakarta.

Let's get down to food business. As it was only the second day that the restaurant was open, they had very limited menu, but they only told us this after they had given us their full menu and we ordered dishes that were not available... booo. But, anyway, they did have their signature dish, the special combination Hainan rice.

Special combination Hainan rice (Rp. 40,000)

Day trip to Bogor

Yesterday my family and I took a day trip to Bogor, a small town one hour away (without traffic) from Jakarta. It's definitely a traditional Indonesian (especially Sundanese) food heaven!

When we arrived into Bogor, it was already lunch time, so we headed down to Waroeng Ngariung, a restaurant my parents had been to before and they loved it. We ordered quite a few dishes but I'll just discuss my favourite dishes here.

Deep fried Carp fish with Beunta sauce (Rp. 77.000)

Outback Steakhouse - Puri Indah

Last night my mum and I had just arrived at the shopping centre, when we bumped into my sister and her husband! Turns out they were going to dine at Outback Steakhouse. So of course we jumped on board and tagged along, without an invitation.

The steaks and ribs at Outback were not as big as the ones we've had overseas, but they did taste pretty decent. Everything we ordered are in the photos below. All the steaks were cooked medium-well, and they were cooked correctly, however as cut of the meat are a bit thin, the outside is a tiny bit tough and chewy. This was helped with the fact they came with the Outback signature sauce, which I believe is mushroom sauce with pepper.

The Toowoomba topped sirloin was covered in tomato cream sauce with button mushrooms and shrimps, although we did struggle to find the shrimps, this would be a great choice for people who find steaks a bit bland.

The Aussie Fries which everyone got was really crispy and tasted great even before we seasoned them, I personally wouldn't add anymore salt. The Alice Springs chicken also tasted great, but again as the cut of the chicken was thin, it ended up being a little dry, although the cheese and sauce on top of it helped distract us from that fact.

Toowoomba Topped Sirloin with Aussie Fries and Corn on the Cob sides (Rp. 269,000)

Homemade kimchi stew

So in December 2014 my family and I went to Korea and one of the food we had for breakfast, lunch and dinner was kimchi! So of course we jumped at the opportunity to buy some to take home with us.

When we got back home and life went back to normal, we forgot all about this kimchi we bought. So we were very excited to rediscover this bag of Korean made kimchi at the back of the fridge! So obviously we made kimchi stew! 

Seafood kimchi stew
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