Day trip to Bogor

Yesterday my family and I took a day trip to Bogor, a small town one hour away (without traffic) from Jakarta. It's definitely a traditional Indonesian (especially Sundanese) food heaven!

When we arrived into Bogor, it was already lunch time, so we headed down to Waroeng Ngariung, a restaurant my parents had been to before and they loved it. We ordered quite a few dishes but I'll just discuss my favourite dishes here.

Deep fried Carp fish with Beunta sauce (Rp. 77.000)

Timbel rice

In Indonesia, Carp is a popular fish, especially with sauces such as sweet and sour sauce. In Waroeng Ngariung their specialty is the deep fried Carp fish with Beunta sauce. Beunta sauce is similar to Thai sweet chilli, except it's spicier and mixed through with sliced onion, finely shredded mango and cucumber and chunks of pineapple. It was absolutely delicious.

Another favourite of mine was the Timbel rice. Normally timbel rice is just steamed rice that is placed into clean banana leaves and wrapped into cylinders or cubes. Waroeng Ngariung's timbel rice was not normal! It was mixed through with red chilli, bay leaf, lemongrass and had a hint of coconut milk, making it really tasty on its own or perfect as accompaniment to the other dishes.

Okay so we finished lunch and we were all completely stuffed. But, our food adventures didn't end here. We headed to Surya Kencana Street, a very popular and busy street for traditional Indonesian food. Our mistake was that we arrived too late, so a lot of vendors had run out of stock, but that didn't stop us! We were lucky enough to be able to buy some moist lumpia and combro before they completely ran out.
Moist Lumpia (Rp. 12,000 each)
Combro (Rp. 3,000 each)

Moist lumpia is called moist lumpia as the skin is like a French crepe, there is also a dry lumpia which is deep fried, there fore "dry".  The filling contains bean sprouts, scrambled egg, cubed tofu, jicama and crushed deep fried shrimp. It's usually eaten with chilli sauce, but I prefer it on its own. Once you try it you'll be left wanting for more!

The combro we bought was also cooked to perfection, really crispy on the outside, but still really moist and soft on the inside and not too spicy!

Our last stop before heading home was to Bogor Permai bakery. They've been around for decades and still famous for their bread filled with baked banana and cheese, it may sound weird, but completely normal to Indonesians. Now, after I've tried it for myself, I totally understand why they're famous for it! It was the perfect combination of sweet and savoury!

Bread filled with banana and cheese (Rp. 9,000 each)

That concludes our culinary trip to Bogor! If you're ever in Jakarta and have a day to kill I recommend you check out Bogor and try all these places out and more!

Resturant info:
Waroeng Ngariung
Jl Batutulis 32 Bogor
Ph. 0251 - 8347437

Street foods purchased on Jl. Surya Kencana, Bogor

Bogor Permai
Jl. Jendral Sudirman No. 23
Ph.  0251 8321115

Disclaimer: all prices and addresses were correct on 24th Feb 2015

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