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When I told people my family and I were going down south in the middle of July, their response was one of confusion and disbelief. Most responses were "But, it's going to be cold?"or "Why now, in the middle of Winter?". Well they were right to be confused. Our three day trip down South was accompanied with gloomy weather and heavy rains. But, that didn't stop us from having fun and enjoying good food! 

On our drive to Dunsborough, we made a lunch stop at Mojo's Restaurant. This place was chosen, not because we've heard of it, or were dying to try a dish at the restaurant, but, simply because we had an Entertainment Book voucher!

Mixed Herb Gnocchi ($18.50)

The first dish to come out was mine. I ordered the gnocchi because of the fact it was going to be served with a poached egg and I've never heard of that mixture before. I've tried gnocchi dishes at a few different places and thought the gnocchi dish at Cantina 663 was hard to beat. Well this was on par if not better! The gnocchi itself was very soft and pillowy, the shapes were not well defined, instead they were roughly shaped and intertwined with the chorizo pieces. The chorizo was cut finely and the taste was heightened by the aioli. The poached egg was cooked perfectly and the yolk oozed into the gnocchi, which made it even more tantalizing. This was one mightily tasty dish

Pulled Pork Belly Roll ($16.50)

Another hit dish during our lunch was the pulled pork belly roll. The pork mixture included roast apple and pork crackling. The apple added a crunchy and sweet element to the roll and the crackling was crispy and tasty. The cheddar cheese in the roll made it even more savoury and tasty. The portion was deceivingly large and fulfilling.

Chicken Leek & Bacon Pie ($22)

This next dish received mixed responses. The chicken leek and bacon pie was not shaped like your traditional pie, it was more of a parcel. The chicken and bacon filling was tasty, although surprisingly spicy. The mushie peas side lacked seasoning. They tried giving the humble pie a modern twist, but I would've preferred the traditional pie.

Mojo's Burger ($21)

Finally, a dish that three out of nine people at the table ordered was the Mojo's burger. I unfortunately did not taste the burger. But, everyone who did raved about it. It was certainly a visual feast!

Our insticts was right about Mojo's Restaurant! The service was impeccable and the food was of high quality, everyone enjoyed their meal. If it was closer to home we would definitely make this a regular go-to restaurant! I would rate Mojo's Restaurant an 8/10.

Restaurant Information:

Mojo's Restaurant
87 Victoria Street
Ph: 9792 5900
Facebook: Mojos Bunbury
Instagram: @mojos_bunbury

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Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 17th July 2015. Prices inclusive of 10% GST.

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