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My family and I love a good hot pot! We even have hot pot parties at home. Combine this love with the love of eating out, we were happy to discover Kung Fu Hot Pot in Northbridge. I first came across this restaurant whilst brunching in Tuck Shop, as I was eating I noticed there was a massive crowd outside of what was then Kung Fu Kitchen. After brunch I walked across and saw Kung Fu Kitchen's menu and everything looked so appetising. Fast forward a few months, Kung Fu Kitchen has closed and opened an even bigger restaurant around the corner, Kung Fu Hot Pot, to be able to cater to the demand!

Similar to BamBamBoo, Kung Fu Hot Pot, also uses iPads as their menu and ordering system. As you are seated they give you an iPad which you can scroll through and add items to your order, once you are finished ordering, press a button on the table to call a waiter or waitress over so they can grab the iPad back and supply you with the appropriate cutleries. 

As well as the hot pot menu, they also have meat and vegetable dishes to share and noodles! That night we ordered the hot pot with the mild and spicy soups. The soup itself is tasty, filled with lots of herbs. The spicy soup also had 3 different levels of heat and my family opted for the hottest level, whilst I stuck to the mild soup. I tried a tiny bit of the spicy soup and felt like someone blow torched my mouth!

One of the menu items in the hot pot category was "sauce." The sauce cost $3.00 and this gets you a buffet of Asian sauces, and you can take as much as you want. If you order the hotpot, each person also has to order one serving of sauce each or none at all. This was a little unusual and can be frustrating if not everyone wanted sauce, but this was their policy. I would suggest you order the sauce, especially if it's your first time as they have some interesting sauces on offer and it's fun to combine them to make your own unique dipping sauce!

Ox Tongue
Crab Meat Balls
Homemade Fish

All the hot pot dishes we ordered was served cold and we immediately placed them into the soup. As each item was cooked, everyone hungrily grabbed their share. Everything we had was delicious! Our favourite had to be their home-made fish, which was served as a big blob, but you can shape it yourself with the popsicle stick they provide and drop it into the soup to cook.

As well as the hot pot dishes, we also tried one of their noodles, the soy bean paste noodles. The noodle was delicious! The soy bean paste was thick and tasty, there was a generous amount of minced meat and the sliced zucchini was refreshing! The noodles was thick and tender and had a great slurp factor.

My family now has visited Kung Fu Hot Pot twice in one month, that was how much we enjoyed it. Please be warned that their waiters and waitresses mainly speaks Chinese and there can be a bit of a language barrier, but hand and facial gestures goes a long way! Also, if you visit on a Saturday evening, there may be a long queue due to the demand. 

I would rate Kung Fu Hot Pot 8/10.

Restaurant Information

Kung Fu Hotpot
2/139 Newcastle Street

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Disclaimer: Restaurant information was true and correct on 7th June 2015.

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