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Pacific Rim Mix Plate is a tiny restaurant tucked away in Applecross. It is located where a dilapidated deli used to be and now it's full of life and brimming with customers. When you walk into the tiny restaurant you might doubt the quality of the food, but don't judge the food by the restaurant, because they always serve winning foods here!

Pacific Rim serves Japanese and Hawaiian fusion foods, which is totally unique in Perth and that's part of it's charm. They do serve the traditional Japanese flavours such as katsu-ed and teriyaki-ed meats, but their fusion flavours are much more appealing!

Maui Chicken bites W ($12.50) with Sweet Wasabi Sauce
Maui Chicken bites P ($13.50) with Sweet Wasabi Sauce

With all their menu items there is also a choice between W and P sizes. W means the meat comes with only rice, where as P means you will also get pasta and green salad with on top of the meat and rice. On this particular visit, I ordered the W size of  Maui Chicken bites with sweet wasabi sauce, whilst my brother ordered the P size of the same dish. You can see the differences in the pictures above. 

The Maui chicken bites must be the most popular dish here, as we saw a few coming out of the kitchen and landing at other tables. That's totally understandable as it is a delectable dish. The batter is light and even though it was covered with the sauce it was still crispy. The sweet wasabi sauce flavour was a mixture of sweet chilli and wasabi, but the wasabi was not at all overpowering, but added just enough kick to make it really unique and irresistible. 

Maui Fish & Prawn Bites P ($$16.50) with Spicy Ginger Sauce

My sister-in-law ordered the Maui Fish and Prawn Bites. She chose the spicy ginger sauce with her dish, it smelled amazing, the ginger dominated, however there was a big kick of chilli which proved too hot for both of us. Again, the batter was delicate, but did not go soggy. The fish was exquisite, it was tender and melted in our mouths. The prawns were juicy and very tasty. I would definitely have this sauce again, just in smaller amounts.

Loco Katsu Chicken P ($14.50)

Mr. T ordered the Loco Katsu Chicken. This dish is katsu chicken topped with a fried egg and mushroom gravy. The mushroom gravy was packed with flavour, especially with the generous drizzle of Japanese mayonnaise. It was peppery, savoury and there was a generous amount of tender mushrooms. It was such an interesting and delicious dish and definitely very satisfying!

We've been to Pacific Rim numerous times and have never been disappointed by the flavours and the quality of food! If you're looking for a fun twist on Japanese dishes, then this is not to be missed! I would rate Pacific Rim 9/10.

Restaurant Information

Pacific Rim Mix Plate
Shop B, 755 Canning Highway
Ph: 9315 5372

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Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 27th June 2015. Prices included 10% GST.

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