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My two favourite four-lettered words are "food" and "sale". So when a friend told me Zebras African Steakhouse has steak specials every Wednesday, we quickly made reservations and made our way down to Bicton. The night became merrier than expected, what was supposed to be a party of four, turned into a party of 11!

Zebras African Steakhouse is a large, but inconspicuous restaurant, tucked away on Point Walter Road. As we made our way into the restaurant, we couldn't help but feel we just walked into Africa, with the many and appropriate decorations. 

Game Tasting Plate ($46)

To begin our dinner, we ordered two game tasting plates to share. This dish contained crocodile and ostrich sosatie, boerewors, crispy sadza chips, marinated olives and piripiri aioli. The sosaties were game skewers, the crispy sadza chips was polenta chips (or chip, there was only one on the plate) and boerewors was a sausage. The crocodile and ostrich skewers was what I was looking forward to the most, having never eaten either meats previously. However, they turned out to be my least favourite item on the dish. The meat lacked flavour and was very tough! The sausage was tasty, although not extraordinary and the polenta chip was nice, but just not enough to share. Overall, there was a lot of things to be improved on this dish, including the quantity of each item, considering the price.

Chicken Breast Shosholoza ($36)

For the mains, I chose the chicken breast shosholoza. This dish contained grilled chicken breast, prawns, mashed potato and side salad, covered with a creamy white wine and garlic sauce. I liked this dish much better than the game tasting plate. The chicken breast was grilled well, tender and not at all dry. The prawns was juicy and tasty with the sauce. There was also a generous amount of the mashed potato and salad, in fact, this dish was enough for me and a friend to share! One complaint I had was that the sauce was not seasoned evenly, there were parts that was too salty and others that was seasoned perfectly.

Sirloin 300g ($20)
Sirloin 300g ($20)

Most of rest of the table opted to take advantage of the steak special and ordered the sirloin. For the steak, each order came with chips or baked potato and salad or vegetables. They would normally cost $34, but only $20 on Wednesdays. Although I  didn't personally try the steaks, everyone around the table managed to inhale theirs in minutes, which suggests it was delicious! 

Beef Bobotie ($28)

Another dish ordered at my table was the beef bobotie. This dish was made of spiced mince, dried fruits in a iron cast pot covered with a baked egg and yellow rice on the side. Again, unfortunately, I did not try this dish for myself. But, my friend was very pleased with her dish. It did look appealing!

Overall, our dining experience at Zebras was satisfactory, but not excellent. I want to also mention, this was also due to the fact we waited nearly an hour for our food to be served. We understood that we had a big table and they aimed to get all the dishes out at the same time, but the wait was painful, especially after seeing a smaller table being served first even though they ordered later. I would rate Zebras African Steakhouse a 6.5/10.

Restaurant Information

Zebras African Steakhouse
1 Point Walter Road
Ph: 9319 1414

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Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 19th Aug 2015. Prices inclusive of 10% GST.

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