Falling into Angel Falls Grill - Perth

When Mrs. M came back to P-town for a few days, she wanted to try something different. Well, Angel Falls Grill came to mind! When you can hardly understand a menu because it's in a foreign language, it's bound to be different right? So, we made reservations for a Friday night and off we went.

When we arrived the place was absolutely buzzing. Every seat was filled and there was even live music. Impressive for a relatively small restaurant.

Empanadas ($14)

For entrees we ordered the empanadas, which were nice. The flavours were nice but I would've liked more of the filling in each one. Also I thought the empanadas were a bit too oily.

Roraima Arepa ($20)

Mrs. M chose the Roraima in the Arepa. This dish was steak strip, chorizo and chicken wrapped in a flat bread. When this dish arrived, it looked small, but as she dug in, there was an endless amount of meat! I tried a little bit of this dish. The green aioli tasted great and added a nice moisture to the dish. The flat bread was nice a fluffy and the meats tasted great too.

Pabellon Cachapa ($16)

I ordered the Pabellon in the Cachapa. This dish was pulled pork with beans and feta wrapped sweet corn pancake. This was an interesting dish. I would've like some kind of sauce in the dish as it was a bit dry. But, the pork was nice a tender and I love beans, so that was great. The pancake was not as fluffy as I would've liked, but it was very interesting texture and flavour.

So, we had fun during our dinner at Angel Falls Grill and it was certainly different.

Ratings: /10
Food: 7
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 7
Service: 7
Overall: 7/10

Restaurant information

Angel Falls Grill
Shop 16, Shafto Lane
Ph: 9481 6222

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