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This is about three friends and three restaurants in 90 minutes. Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) is an ultra hip hang out place and there are so many new restaurants and dessert cafes opening every week! When you visit PIK, visiting only one restaurant feels like such a waste, because there are so many things to try. So to cram everything in my two friends and I visited three restaurants in 90 minutes.

The first place we visited for dinner was Abura Soba Yamatoten. This place serves nothing but abura soba and a small selection of side dishes. Both my friends ordered the original Abura Soba and I ordered the Jya Jya Abura soba. Before we dug in to the soba, we were informed to add the vinegar and chilli oil, which were in bottles on the table, to the noodles and stir well, then enjoy while hot. So being good listeners, we followed their instructions. To be honest, before coming here I did not know what abura soba was, so I expected a bowl of buckwheat noodles and cold sauce to dip in to.

Abura Soba (Rp. 59,000)

 The original Abura Soba was very delectable. I was expecting to be really dry because of the lack of soup or sauce, but it was actually perfect as it is. The sliced pork was tender and tasty, even though it had a bit too much fat. The sliced bamboo shoots added a sour crunch to the dish, which I thought really elevated the flavours.

Jya Jya pork Abura soba (Rp. 68,000)

I liked the Jya jya abura soba even more than the original, though my friends did not. Rather than the bamboo shoots and sliced pork, the jya jya was topped with pork mince in a sweet sauce. I liked the saltiness of the pork, the sourness of the vinegar and the sweetness of the sauce altogether.

Broiled Pork (Rp. 43,000)

We also ordered the broiled pork as a side dish. We were told it's their best-selling side dish. It did look very appealing and it was very soft and juicy, the only thing was that it was too salty. I would recommend eating it with the soba and not on its own. The roasted sesame seed added a really nice aroma to it as well.

Then on to the desserts. The first place was Es Pisang Ijo Pemuda. We ordered their Pisang Ijo with Kacang and an extra banana. If you're not familiar with this dessert, its red bean with coconut milk and shaved ice topped with condensed milk and syrup and with a banana wrapped in a silky pandan pancake. 

Pisang Ijo Kacang (Rp. 35,100) with extra Pisang (Rp. 10,000)

This traditional dessert was lip-smacking good. The sweetness from the syrup and condenssed milk was just right. The red bean was cooked well, it was soft but still had resistance in every bite. The pandan pancake and the banana was so aromatic and soft and perfect. It was deliciousness in every spoonful. 
Of course one dessert was not enough. So we made our way to Shirayuki. This place is famous for its desserts served in the most visually appealing way. I'm but these photos do not do justice to how cute their desserts are. 

Traditional Warabi Mochi with Brown sugar (Rp. 31,000)

We ordered the traditional warabi mochi with brown sugar with matcha flavoured soft serve ice-cream. This dessert was just pleasant. The matcha flavour was nice, the mochi was soft and chewy and the brown sugar was also a good level of sweetness. However, for the price I'd go for the pisang ijo ice any day. 

Bailey's Kanten (Rp. 43,000)

The Bailey's Kanten at Shirayuki was more unique and interesting. The jelly noodle dipped into the Bailey's was fun to eat, albeit very slippery! With this dish we tried the Kasshoku soft serve rather than matcha. I looked up the meaning of kashokku and found it just means brown, so I'm guessing it's meant to be brown sugar flavour, but this one just tasted sweet. 

My friends and I had a really fun night at PIK. There were so many more places to try but, we had to think of our wallets and stomachs. Nevertheless, if you don't go to PIK very often, then I suggest if you do go, make sure you make a night of it and enjoy as much as possible.

I would rate the Abura Soba Yamatoten 7.5/10, Es Pisang Ijo Pemuda 8/10 and Shirayuki 6.5/10.

Restaurant Info:
Abura Soba Yamatoten Tokyo
Ruko Garden House, Blok A No. 12
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ph: 021 290 333 42
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Es Pisang Ijo Pemuda
Ruko Garden House, Blok A
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ph: 021 9870 3942
Two doors down from Abura Soba
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Rukan Emerald No. 10
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ph: 021 2408 0570
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Disclaimer: Prices and restaurant info were correct on the 11th March 2015. Prices are exclusive of taxes.

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