Pasar Santa Part 2 - Desserts

The Pasar Santa craze continues... 

Walking around Pasar Santa for the first time was a bit daunting, there were so many stalls and booths and everything looked delicious. I personally went to try places that looked busy, with the mindset that if a place is busy, it's busy for a good reason. After we finished all the savoury dishes, then desserts is a must! And, there's plenty of that at Pasar Santa.

The first place that caught my attention was Labruletory, for the simple reason they had set up an attractive display of dry ice in conical flasks and there was fog everywhere, I thought they served cold beverages, but I was very wrong. They exclusively sell creme brulee in three flavours, original, green tea and chocolate. They also offer some toppings such as Nutella or Toblerone or Milo. I opted for the original with no toppings. After ordering they make a show of caramelizing the top with a torch gun.
Original Creme Brulee from Labruletory (Rp. 17,000)

 The creme brulee had a very nice velvety smooth texture, however, the flavour was not mind blowing, there was just enough sweetness but not enough of the vanilla flavour. Also there was not enough sugar to caramelize on top, so it did not create a crunchy crust on top, just a nice golden colour.

Another stall that caught my attention because of their pretty display was Ladies Who Bake. This place sells various flavours of crumbles, including cherry, blueberry and chocolate. We asked for the best-selling flavour and that was apparently the cherry.

Cherry Crumble from Ladies Who Bake (Rp. 38,000)

The cherry crumble was flavoursome, the sourness of the cherry was delicious against the sweetness of the jam. The crumble on top was also tasty, but I would've liked a bit more crunch and crumble. The shortcrust pastry on the bottom was a bit too thick and it was tough to cut through. The crumble also came with a dollop of cream in a small container which I did not try as I do not like cream, but I can imagine it making the crumble even more indulgent.

Next, we moved on the a waffle stand and ordered the belgian liege waffle with green tea ice cream and sprinkled with crushed nuts. 

Belgian Liege Waffle from Zucker Waffle (Rp. 30,000)

They gave a generous amount of green tea ice-cream and it was very well received. The green tea flavour was present and the ice cream was not too sweet and the creaminess was just right. I don't know if they make their own ice cream or not, but it was delicious either way. The one complaint I had about this waffle was that it was way too tough. We struggled to cut the waffle even after it was soaked with ice cream, the piece that I did manage to cut and try was very crunchy, but I was hoping for a warm and fluffy waffle with the ice-cream.

Chocolate coated frozen banana with salted caramel from Bar-na-na (Rp. 16,000)

A stall that was definitely busy was the Bar-na-na stall. It had a queue even before it was open! We ordered the chocolate coated frozen banana with salted caramel. I'm not a big fan of caramel, but I was a fan of this! The chocolate was strong and they managed to put a thick layer on the banana. The salted caramel was really salty, which was actually really nice with the sweetness of the banana and the bitterness of the chocolate. The frozen banana was really frozen... so I recommend waiting a few minutes before attempting to bite into it, especially if you have sensitive teeth.

Then, I bought an ice-cream sandwich from the Raymond Lim stall, purely because I've seen a lot of photos of ice-cream sandwiches from Singapore and had a craving for them.

Avocado ice cream sandwich from Raymond Lim (Rp. 15,000)

My first choice of flavour was the honeydew melon, which was out of stock, so I settled for the avocado flavour. Well no regrets there as the avocado flavour was amazing! I expected the ice to be more icey than creamy, but I was so wrong. You could really taste the avocado flavour and the texture was so creamy. They had cut the thickness of the ice-cream perfectly to go with the colourful bread (which tastes like normal white bread).

The last, but definitely not least of the desserts we tried was the milk bath cake from mommadon. We were recommended to try the milky original flavour as it was our first time.

Milky original milk bath cake from Mommadon (Rp. 25,000)

This was an absolute delight to eat! The cake comes with milk that you have to pour on just before you eat it. I believe that they added cream and sugar to the milk as it was really thick and rich. Poured on the sponge and eaten together, it was perfection. The sponge was soft yet still had a spring to it, there was a good balance of vanilla and sweetness, and even though I don't like cream, the cream on this was light and took the cake to a whole new level.

So there you have it folks, all the desserts we munched on at Pasar Santa. As you can imagine we left with off the grid blood cholesterol and sugar levels, but very happy tummies, and sometimes that's all matters. =)

Stall info:

Pasar Santa
Jl. Cipaku 1
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan


Ladies Who Bake

Zucker Waffle
Instagram: https:

Open from 3:30pm on Saturdays
Pasar Santa Lt. 2 No. 86-87

Raymond Lim:
Twitter: @limicecream

Pasar Santa, 1F BKS #179 
Friday from 4 pm 
Saturday - Sunday from 12 pm

Disclaimer: All prices and stall info was correct on the 7th March 2015. Prices are inclusive of taxes.

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