Knife and Fork, the only tools needed in The Hardware Store - Scarborough

There's just something about waking up on a Saturday morning and knowing you're going to be in great company while checking out a hip cafe! Well, that was the amazing feeling I had on this particular Saturday morning. Due to our busy schedules, we had to plan this brunch three weeks in advance, but it was certainly worth the wait. 

We had decided on The Hardware Store cafe, a place that had not made it onto my radar yet (not due to lack of popularity though!). After checking them out on social media and their website, I already knew what I was going to try and I could hardly wait.

We ordered healthy juices to begin our meal. The presentation of the drinks was on point, being served in the very "in" mason jars. The flavours were also on point, all very refreshing and naturally tasty.

Toasted Tortilla ($21)

As the main meal, I chose the toasted tortilla. I was very happy with my choice! A giant crispy toasted tortilla made up the base of the dish and it was topped with refried beans, roasted peppers, cheddar cheese and two fried eggs. There was also a little bit of avocado and sour cream. The mixture of beans and cheese was delicious! It was very tasty and filling, especially with the two fried eggs. I also loved the crispiness of the tortilla, which likened the dish to a breakfast pizza. I would've liked more avocado, or proper slices of avocado rather than the smashed version, but it added a nice creaminess to the dish, not that it needed to be more indulgent! 

Below are the dishes the other girls had, but I did not personally taste them. They do all look very appealing though!

Smoked Chorizo Brekky Board ($22)

Mixed Mushroom Bruschetta ($22)

Herb Crumbed Poached Eggs ($22)

Out of the four friends I ate with this morning, I seemed to have enjoyed my dish the most! I certainly think the toasted tortilla dish was a very tasty and fulfilling dish and definitely worth a try. Based on this visit I would rate The Hardware Store Cafe 7.5/10.

Restaurant Information

The Hardware Store Cafe & Eatery
117A Brighton Road
Ph: 0456 752 747

The Hardware Store Cafe & Eatery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 3rd Oct 2015. Prices inclusive of 10% GST.

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