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Friday, the first day of my weekend, time to loosen the belt, whip out my food bucket list and go food hunting. Last Friday, Mr. T asked me to join him for lunch, I was more than happy to oblige, and as he was working in Fremantle, we decided on hotdogs at Run Amuk. We've been here once before, but made the mistake of having snacks first at the market, leaving very little room in our bellies. This time we came prepared, minimal breakfast for maximum hot dog intake.

In fact, my breakfast was so minimal, by the time we arrived at Run Amuk I was a wee bit hangry and my stomach took over my brain. Before we even sat down, I decided on fries, a hotdog and milkshake! Sure this was probably a week's worth of calorie intake in one sitting, but there's no time for regrets.

Reese's Milkshake
Now, my favourite dessert flavour combination would have to be peanut butter and chocolate, so Reese's peanut butter cups is definitely my kryptonite. So, when I saw Run Amuk had Reese's milkshake, my tastebuds leapt in joy and we immediately ordered it. The milkshake was the first to come out and I told myself to drink this slowly so I could enjoy it after finishing the other dishes, but it was almost impossible to stop slurping. I allowed Mr. T one small sip before snatching the cup back and relishing every drop! It tasted exactly how it was supposed to, a rich and creamy liquefied Reese's peanut butter cups. The best part was the chunky pieces of the peanut butter cups! I would definitely come here just to drink this again.

Minx ($13)

The hotdog that I chose was the Minx. In this hotdog, the bratwurst was topped with guacamole, tomato relish, sour cream and salsa made with corn, capsicum, red onion and fresh mint. All of the ingredients of the guacamole, relish and salsa was fresh, but this made the hotdog a bit "cold" which was a little disappointing as I really wanted a belly warming hotdog. The flavour of the bratwurst dominated, which was tasty and it was juicy and tender. It was a well made hotdog, and all the ingredients provided a nice texture, but I would go for something warmer next time.

Rude Boy

Mr. T chose the Rude Boy, which was the hotdog of the month for September. The Rude boy also contained the bratwurst, but topped with pickles, American mustard, fried onion, fire roasted capsicum, cheddar cheese slices and garnished with fresh chives. This was definitely more my type of hotdog, the fried onion and roasted capsicum gave off a very inviting aroma and made the hotdog "warm". I also loved the cheese in it! I mean, we see cheese in burgers so it's only fair they're in hotdogs too! This was definitely the better hotdog of the two.

We also ordered a side of fries which came with a very tasty aioli dip which deserves a special mention! This really completed our meal!

Based on this visit to Run Amuk I would rate it 8/10. That milkshake was definitely 10/10 though!

Restaurant Information:

Run Amuk Hotdogs Unleashed
 386A South Terrace
South Fremantle
Website: runamuk.com.au
Instagram: @runamukhotdogs

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Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 25th Sept 2015. Prices inclusive of 10% GST

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