Deep Fried Chicken as Golden as the Sun BBQ - Northbridge

The Korean fried chicken trend has taken Perth by storm. Well, who wouldn't love a crispy deep fried battered chicken smothered with tasty sauce? One fried chicken restaurant that has caught my eye was Sun BBQ. I first saw pictures of their fried chicken on Inexology's Instagram feed and it looked amazing! I couldn't wait for the opportunity to try it out for myself.

That opportunity finally came not too long ago. Just to illustrate how keen I was, Sun BBQ opens at 4pm on Saturdays, I was outside the door by 3:50pm! What I didn't realise was, they also have a cafe, Sun Cafe, and they open much earlier in the day! So I think I would've been able to arrive much sooner!

Anyway, we were quickly seated and given menus to ponder over. After we ordered they served this small bowl of crispy snacks. I'm not sure what it is or what it's made of, but it was tasty. Well it better be, seeing as it was covered in sugar. The sweet and savoury mix of flavours was nice, but the texture was a little tougher than what I would've liked. 

Combo Chicken ($38)

As it was just Mr. T and I dining, we didn't dare order too many dishes, but all the chicken flavours sounded so interesting. We thought each dish was a bit pricey, but when we asked, it turns out each serve came with 16 pieces of chicken, so not too bad price wise. The dish that I really wanted to try was the carbonara chicken, however we thought it would be a bit too heavy to share between just the two of us, so we settled on the combo chicken, so we can try three flavours in one!

I was gobsmacked when the dish came out. It was humongous!! The chicken was piled on top of each other and looked so golden and glorious. There were also sides of daikon cubes, fresh green salad and coleslaw as well as a tiny dish of tomato sauce. We were also given one glove each to maintain hand hygiene while scarfing down these saucy chicken pieces!

So the combo chicken is a dish with 3 different flavours of chicken, original deep fried, soy garlic and sweet chilli. The original deep fried was, not suprisingly, the least tasty of the three. However, I really expected more, even though it was slathered with sauce, I thought the batter would've been more tasty, like KFC. My favourite was the sweet chilli, it was not overpoweringly spicy, the chilli added a nice layer of flavour hit to the chicken. The soy garlic was also delicious, but I would've liked more of it on the chicken! Also, because it was all served on one huge plate, it was difficult to distinguish between soy garlic and sweet chilli. So really, my favourite was probably soy garlic-sweet chilli.

Seafood Black Bean Noodle ($17)

As an impulse order, we also ordered the seafood noodle! I was expecting this to be a jjang jjang myeon dish with seafood from the picture in the menu. But, it's actually a little different. The taste is reminiscent of a jjang jjang myeon, but definitely more savoury and this was spicy! Even though we ordered the mild version, I could still smell and taste the heat from the chilli. It was not what I expected, but I still really enjoyed it, in fact I took away the left overs and enjoyed it for lunch the next day!

Sun BBQ is definitely a great place for catch ups with a big group of friends. I personally enjoyed the chicken from Chimek a little bit more, but I will definitely be back to try other flavours! I would rate Sun BBQ 7/10.

Restaurant Information

318 William Street
Ph: 9227 1004

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Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 17th Oct 2015. Prices inclusive of 10% GST.

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