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Hey there faithful readers!!! I assume you're out there and have been waiting on the edge of your seat for my blog post, seeing as the last one was in July last year! Shame on me! I wished I had a great reason for my absence, like travelling around the world or super busy with new ventures, but no, just pure laziness. Well I'm stretching my fingers and slowly getting back to optimal typing speed and prowess.

So where did I go this time, you might ask. Well wait no longer. This time I'm writing about my experience at Phill Bean. We were first introduced to Phill Bean two and a half years ago by Mrs. M. Apparently this is her and her hubby's absolute favourite Korean restaurant. We loved our first visit, but haven't been back until now. We were missing Mrs. M and Mr. A so much, we tried to emulate our last dinner together by visiting their favourite restaurant. Creepy, I know.

First, the entrees, seafood pancake and deep fried pork dumplings. We loved the pancake, it was crispy on the outside and still fluffy on the inside. We also loved the generous amount seafood. One thing I didn't enjoy was the chunky cuts of chilli, but I simply removed them with my impressive chopstick skills. The dumplings were also delicious, although they were a bit oily. But, the flavour of the filling left us wanting more!

For mains, I ordered the bibimbap. It wasn't a great choice in this heat, but it was a great choice in terms of flavour. Once I added the gochujang and mixed everything well, it tasted amazing. There were charred pieces of tasty rice and the egg yolk was the perfect ooziness. I did think there was very little meat, after mixing, it was like the meat disintegrated, but it left a lovely meaty aroma. 

Mr. T ordered the spicy cold noodle. This was under the persistent and slightly pushy recommendation of Mrs. M (she bosses me around all the way from Singapore). Well our obedience paid off! Ok, let's just start by mentioning I was very disappointed by this egg, on the picture and when it was first served, it looked like a whole boiled egg, but when it toppled over, the ugly truth was revealed, it was only half an egg. 

Although the egg disappoints, the rest did not. The soup looked red with chilli, but it wasn't too spicy at all. The beef broth was ice cold, so it was refreshing, and it was packed with flavour. The noodles were the perfect chewiness and they were so long we needed scissors to cut it to size. This dish was tasty and fun to eat!

So, we finally revisited this restaurant after putting it at the back of our minds for a couple of years and we're glad we did. We were so impressed with the food we actually took my brother and sister-in-law here the week after! They too were impressed! It's not the fanciest of restaurants and the always seem understaffed so service might be a bit slow, but, friendly. 

Ratings: /10
Food: 8.5
Value: 9
Atmosphere: 6.5
Service: 7
Overall: 7.8/10

Restaurant information:

Phill Bean
2/17 Tribute Street West
Ph: 9354 7272

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