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To follow from my last blog post about Korean food, I'm now going to write about Japanese food. Yes, I like Asian food. In saying that, I like most cuisines. This time, I'm writing about my experience at the new restaurant Main Street Ryu. They've taken over from the good people of Zensaki and turned it upside down. What used to look like a family-friendly restaurant, has now been transformed into a hip and modern bar/restaurant. Not that I'm saying you can't take your family here, but once you get there you'll understand what I mean!

Did you see how I just tried to subconsciously make you visit this place? Clearly some kind of power has gone to my head.

To begin our meal, we ordered two nori tacos. Oh did I mention this is a Japanese fusion restaurant. It's Japanese fused with whatever the chef wants, which is awesome! Back to the tacos, we ordered the salmon belly tartare taco and red back spider taco. If you Google translate red back spider, it translates to soft shell crab. 

Now, normally I love soft shell crab more than salmon sashimi, so I was sure I would like the red back spider taco more. But, boy was I wrong. The red back spider taco was full of flavour from the crab, the mayo and the tobiko. This taco was crunchy inside and out, so this was a winner at our table. But, the when I bit into the salmon belly taco, it was like a lightbulb switched on in my mouth. Whereas the red back spider taco was full of crunch, the salmon belly taco was the perfect balance of crunch from the nori taco shell, freshness from the salmon belly and flavour from all the yuzu dressing. 

For mains, we decided to share the Volcano ramen. This is the first seafood ramen I've ever tried, so I was very excited to try it. It is definitely in no way traditional, but that's not a bad thing. As the name suggests, the broth is spicy, it was a little too spicy for me, but in small doses I loved the flavours. I did also love the toppings. There was green mussels, prawns, squid, fish and soft shell crab. All the seafood bad absorbed all the flavour from the broth, so even without slurping on the broth everything tasted great. Due to the chilli oil, this dish was a little heavy, but we still cleaned the bowl. Also, I would've loved a boiled egg in there (there I go again with my boiled egg, should start carrying a whole boiled egg with me everywhere I go).

That was our experience at Main Street Ryu. It's certainly a new, original addition to Barrack Street and I hope they do well! So, go check it out! We didn't try many dishes, but we were very satisfied and everything tasted great! 

Ratings: /10
Food: 8
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 8
Service: 8
Overall: 7.8/10

Restaurant information

Main Street Ryu
83 Barrack Street
Ph: 9221 7577

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