A Moment On The Lips Forever an Heirloom - East Perth

How quickly a year goes when you're having fun! Mr. T and I recently celebrated our first year wedding anniversary. It kind of snuck up on us, so we didn't have anything major planned. But, we did decide to treat ourselves to a nice dinner at Heirloom by Pete Evans.

Pork Belly Pizza ($26)

To start our dinner we ordered the pork belly pizza. This pizza was yummy! The crust was the perfect thickness and nice and crispy on the edges. There was a good amount of pork belly which tasted great. I thought the topping was a tad too oily, but it did taste great.

Roasted Barramundi ($40)

For the mains I chose the roasted barramundi. Before I chose this dish, I was actually tossing up between the duck leg confit and the barramundi, but when I saw the barramundi at the table next to us, I was sold. Fortunately, this dish tasted as good as it looked. The fish was cooked well, and the skin side was crispy. The barramundi was served with sweet potato puree and lemon and lime coconut sauce, the sauce was creamy and tasted great, I just wished there was more of it!

Cape Grim Scotch Fillet ($46)

Mr. T chose the scotch fillet steak for his mains. The meat was cooked perfectly the way Mr. T likes it. The dish also came with salad and bone marrow. The salad was fresh, but I couldn't get past the oily and greasy texture of the bone marrow to appreciate the flavour.

Paleo Rocky Road ($16)

Now it's time for the desserts. As I was in charge of ordering the desserts, for Mr. T I ordered the paleo rocky road. I was expecting just a slab of rocky road, but what came out took me by surprise. It was certainly intriguing and pretty. So the chocolate component was the drizzle of chocolate and the chocolate popsicle. There were also fresh fruits, with jellies and coconut marshmallows. All the components were best eaten together, although it was difficult to stuff our mouths with everything then lick the popsicle, but it was fun nonetheless. I thought the popsicle could've been creamier, but brownie points for creativity!

Lemon Lime "Cheesecake" ($18)

For myself, I ordered the "cheesecake". Only after I ordered it did I find out this dessert was dairy free. That made me realise why it was called "cheesecake". So the faux cheesecake was nice, but for a dairy-loving woman that I am, it was just okay. It had the right look but the texture was nowhere near as creamy as a real cheesecake, so it made this dessert very light. This dish came with black sesame ice cream, also dairy free, so the flavour was right, but the texture was not.

Overall, we loved our dinner at Heirloom, it was a great place for a quiet dinner and to celebrate the year that was. I loved the pizza and our mains, but the desserts left a lot to be desired, especially for someone who has no diet restrictions and eats absolutely everything.

Ratings: /10
Food: 8
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 8
Service: 7
Overall: 7.5/10

Restaurant information

Heirloom by Pete Evans

Fraser Suites
10 Adelaide Terrace
East Perth
Ph: 9261 0035

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