Singapore Day 3

My third day in Singapore also marked my last day there. Mrs. M still had some exciting places for me to visit and it turned out to be a short and sweet day. Literally, very sweet.

We did start on a savoury note. Today's breakfast is not your ordinary breakfast food, Mrs. M's idea of a hearty breakfast is Wonton Noodles. Now, I'm not one to complain, so I didn't because the idea of having noodles for breakfast was like a dream come true. So Mrs. M took me to her favourite wonton noodle place in Singapore, Eng's Noodles. She mentioned that this place gets full fast, so arriving before opening would be the best bet to avoid a queue. We arrived 10 minutes before their 11am opening time and we were not even the first ones there! Singaporeans are cray for wonton noodles!

After a very satisfying late breakfast at Eng's noodles, we quickly hailed a taxi to take us to Sunday Mass. We went to Church of the Sacred Heart, which was very conveniently close to Mrs. M and hubby's apartment. This church was beautiful, it had a Cathedral feel, but at a smaller scale.

After mass, we walked back to Plaza Singapura. At this point we were still full after the wonton noodles, but as it was my last day and I had been wanting to try Llao Llao the frozen yogurt place, we decided to go now. 


Unlike the frozen yoghurt places we get in Perth, Llao Llao only offers one yoghurt flavour, their combination of fruits and toppings is what makes all the difference. I was recommended to order the Sanum, which seemed to be their most popular menu item. The Sanum is a froyo in a cup with your choice of three different fresh fruits, two crunch (eg. oats or cookies etc.) and two sauces (eg. chocolate or caramel sauce). Our creation of turned out amazing, once I mixed it with all the different toppings, I understood why you wouldn't need different flavours of yoghurt, the toppings itself is diverse enough!

After our short visit to Llao Llao, I didn't think I could eat anymore sweets, but, Mrs. M and her hubby had a different idea. They proceeded to take me to Henri Charpentier, a Japanese French inspired cafe. 

After stuffing ourselves with more desserts at Henri Charpentier, we had to quickly go home so I could pack and catch my dreaded flight. As I wrote this post, my heart longed to go back to Singapore, so I could spend more time with Mrs. M, but mostly to eat more. In all seriousness, from the bottom of my heart I want to thank Mrs. M and her hubby for taking time out of their busy lives to show me the best time in Singapore! Absolutely can't wait to go back!


Church of the Sacred Heart
111 Tank Road
Ph: +65 6737 9285

Llao Llao
Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road

Disclaimer: All information was true and correct on 31st Jan 2016.

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