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The last pit stop before the airport in my short Singapore trip was Henri Charpentier. Mrs. M raved about this place, especially about their matcha opera. As you may have read from my previous post, before heading to this cafe I just had a very big lunch and a sneaky Llao Llao session, so the dessert was the last thing on my mind, but I was intrigued by Mrs. M's review and couldn't say no to a matcha opera. 

When we arrived at the location of the cafe, I thought this was going to be a casual dessert cafe, but as soon as we walked in, it was opulence and luxury all the way.

Matcha Opera (SGD$9)

Appropriately we started our dessert session with their matcha opera. The verdict, I liked it! It certainly looked pretty and the textures were amazing I can't say I loved it only because I felt, for what it is, the matcha flavour could've been much stronger. Mrs. M did say that the matcha opera she had previously was much more decadent and flavoursome, so perhaps it was just our bad luck.

Dome (SGD$29)

The second dish served was the Dome, this was my order and I was beyond excited to see it light up. The novelty and entertainment of this dessert was like nothing I've seen before and I do apologise that the quality of the video isn't great. The dessert itself was very indulgent and not too sweet. I did find the alcohol very overpowering and at times it was the only thing I could taste, despite the other ingredients being in the same mouthful.

The last dessert we tried was their Flower Temptation (SGD$25). This was another dessert created for pure entertainment. On this dish was pineapple, two types of chocolate mousse and orange liqueur. This dish was best eaten quickly before it melted before our eyes. I liked how the pinapples added a freshness and tang to the dessert that's otherwise very chocolatey.

In all honesty we had a lot of fun in this very fancy cafe, the service and atmosphere was great, however, the desserts were a bit hit and miss. 

Ratings: /10
Food: 6.5
Value: 6
Atmosphere: 9
Service: 8
Overall: 7.4/10

Restaurant information

Henri Charpentier
9A Dempsey Road
Ph: +65 6479 5518

Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 31st Jan 2016

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