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If we were playing Taboo and we had to describe "Hot Dog", Miss D. would probably say "Cousin of the burger."

Some of you may have heard of Wonder Dawg & Co. as they have been popping up at food markets over the past few months. Well, now they have found a semi-permanent home in the ever cuisine-changing, 1 Leonard Street in Victoria Park. Seeing Wonder Dawg's photos on Instagram is enough to make anyone carnivore drool. I've never had the pleasure of trying their hot dogs at the food markets, so now that they're much easier to find I couldn't wait to check them out.

We visited Wonder Dawg for dinner one Saturday. As we sat down and started going through the menu, we were ecstatic over the prices, so affordable! Below are the dishes we tried out.

Okonomi Dawg ($9.90)

As an avid fan of all things Japanese, I decided to try the Okonomi Dawg. The hot dog base was topped with a generous amount of seaweed, bonito flakes, tempura crumb, cabbage and caramelised onion. This hot dog was one good looking dog. The flavours and textures was also nice. The sausage itself was tasty, but I thought it was too skinny for this bun and toppings that the flavour of the sausage was drowned in the sea of toppings. The tempura bubbles added a nice and fun crunch and the mixture of mayo and okonomiyaki sauce was very tasty. I would've liked more caramelised onion though. Overall very filling!

Fries ($3.50) with Gochujang Mayo ($1)

To share, we also ordered the fries and the side dipping sauce of gochujang mayo. The fries are beer battered and very crispy and tasty on its own. But, the dipping sauce added a nice level of spiciness and flavour that you just can't pass up! I thought for the extra $1 for the dipping sauce that there should be more of the sauce.

Coney Island Dawg ($11.90)

Mr. T decided on the Coney Island Dawg, simply because it also contained mince meat on top of the sausage and he was famished! He was pleasantly surprised that the sausage was slightly spicy and it was filled with cheese. He really liked the combination of the onions, minced meat and cheese sauce, although he was hopping for some tomato sauce or mustard on it as well to make it extra tasty. 

Traditional German Dawg ($9.90)

My sister went traditional with their German Dawg.  Like the Coney Island Dog, the sausage was filled with cheese and was very indulgent. Of the three dawgs we tried tonight this was actually my favourite. The sauerkraut with the caramelized onion, tomato sauce and mustard made for a very tasty topping and overall this was enjoyable to eat.

The three of us enjoyed our time at Wonder Dawg & Co.. Their menu is very creative and I think there will be something to satisfy everyone. Overall, I thought the hot dogs were very affordable and they were very generous with their toppings. I did think that their buns was a bit dry, it was very crunchy on the outside which was nice, but there wasn't a nice soft bounce to the buns. Keep watching this space though, because I think they'll keep improving their menu and flavours!

Ratings: /10
Food: 6.5
Value: 9
Atmosphere: 7
Service: 9
Overall: 7.9/10
Restaurant information

Wonder Dawg & Co.
1 Leonard Street
Victoria Park
Ph: 0401 748 852
Facebook: Wonder Dawg & Co. 
Instagram: @52_wd 

  Wonder Dawg & Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 20th Feb 2016. Prices inclusive of 10%GST. We received 30% discount off our total bill.

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