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Before today I've never heard of The Cutting Board Eat House, it just so happens I wanted to get some free rice paper rolls from the newly opened Roll'd but the queue was a tad ridiculous. So we walked passed Roll'd and decided on The Cutting Board.

Everything on display looked so delicious, all the foods were piled high in trays calling out to everyone who walks past. The meats available were, pulled pork, pulled beef and chicke schnitzel. As I'm the type of person who can't turn down anything deep fried, I decided on the chicken schnitzel with a side of Mixed Jewel Grain salad. The salad contains, eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, mesculin, kale, silverbeet and topped with a yogurt dressing.

Chicken Schnitzel with Mixed jewel grain salad ($13)

Everything really tasty! As the chicken schnitzel was really thick I was expecting the middle to be bland, but it was actually really well cooked through and through and every piece was delicious. They also offered gravy on top of the schnitzel, which was delicious, but in hindsight probably unnecessary as everything else was flavoursome enough. The salad didn't taste like salad at all, more like a creamy pasta. The yogurt dressing was thick, which I really like, and there were no pieces of salad lacking the dressing, it was mixed through well. My favourite part of the salad was the zucchini, it was tender and so refreshing to eat. I ended up only finishing half of the portion and taking away, not bad for the price.

Both my friends also ordered the chicken schnitzels, so I didn't get to try the other meats on offer, but I'll definitely be back to try them and the different salads as well.

The Cutting Board is a great option for office workers looking for a quick and hearty lunch. It's not the cheapest fast food, but considering the portion size and quality of the food, I think it's totally worth it. I would rate the Cutting Board 8/10.

Restaurant info:

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Facebook: The Cutting Board Eat House
Instagram: @thecuttingboardeathouse 

Disclaimer: Restaurant info and prices were true and correct on 5th May 2015. Prices were inclusive of 10% GST.


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