Taka's Kitchen - Barrack Street, Perth

Taka's kitchen, the affordable, quick and delicious Japanese restaurant. This was, in fact, the first restaurant I visited after I came back. The special someone in my life, Mr. T, has just donated blood on Easter Sunday and was famished. I usually go to Nao or Dosukoi for excellent ramen, but he convinced me that he has tried Taka's kitchen ramen, which was only a few minutes walk away, and it was on par. So I, equally as famished although ashamed to say I did not donate any blood, agreed to give it a try.

Ramen with Chicken Karaage ($9)

I was surprised by the price of their ramen, only $9 including chicken karaage! I was even more surprised when I started eating the ramen, the soup was thick and rich in flavour! Every slurp was heavenly. I would still prefer Nao's ramen, but this was certainly not far behind in quality and flavour. I also really like the fact they included egg in their ramen as I've often wondered why other ramen places in Perth choose not to.

Miso Katsu Don - Large ($7.50)

A regular dish I order at Taka's kitchen is their miso katso don. By regular I mean this was the only dish I order at Taka's (the ramen has changed all that now). A chicken katsu is always a winning dish, but then add thick miso flavoured sauce on top of it and you have yourself perfection in a bowl! If you have never tried it then I urge you to do so.

Takoyaki ($3.50/5 piece)

Last but not least, we also ordered their relatively new side-dish, takoyaki. The takoyaki was delicious and perfectly cooked, but it was missing the usual toppings of dried bonito, spring onion, takoyaki sauce and mayonaise, which I guess is fair enough considering the price.

I have always enjoyed eating at Taka's kitchen and would regularly crave their food. Well I was glad Mr. T convinced me to come here again! I would rate Taka's kitchen 7.5/10.

I pity the fool who hasn't tried Taka's kitchen ramen!
PS: It's Mr. T because he's Tall!

Restaurant Info:
Taka's Kitchen
150-152 Barrack St
Ph: 08 9221 4771
Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday
11am - 9pm
11am - 5pm
Website: http://www.takaskitchen.iinet.net.au/index.htm

Disclaimer: Prices and restaurant info was true on the 5th of April 2015. Prices included 10% GST.

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