China Part Three - Guangzhou (Eats)

I have decided to write a separate post for the food we had in Guangzhou separate to the places we visited so neither posts would drag too long. Unfortunately the food we had at Guangzhou were not as excited as I'd hoped, but I'll let you be the judge of that.


We had breakfast at the hotel as it was included in the price of the room. The breakfast there was much better than Royal Classic Hotel in Meizhou. There was both Western and Chinese food available and were all of great quality.

After lots of walking at the Cathedral, Yeuxiu park and pharmacy we then headed down for lunch. We actually did not know where we should go, so the bus driver dropped us off to one of his favourite restaurants. It was a Chinese food restaurant located located on Yanjiang East Road, unfortunately the name was in Mandarin and I had no idea what it said. Also, I don't know what any the dishes were called as my Aunt took charge in ordering everything as noone else knew how to read Mandarin...

Lotus Root

Steamed soy chicken

Jelly fish

Oyster with ginger and garlic

As you can see from the photos, we had a massive lunch! The lotus root had to be the strangest dish of the day. To roughly describe it, the texture is like under cooked potato and tasted quite bland. There was also a strange sticky and stringy substance on the surface, but did not make it unpleasant. We also decided to give steamed rice a miss and their their specialty rice paper noodle. Every table in the restaurant had ordered this dish so we followed suit. It tasted great, similar to the noodles in dry wonton noodles! The sprinkling of the sesame seeds also added a great aroma to it. 

The next dish to come out was the jelly fish. I've had jelly fish before in Chinese restaurants in Perth, but this was different. The sauce was a great mixture of sweet, sour and a hint of heat. The only thing that bothered me was, the pieces were not cut evenly and some were very thick making it very chewy, difficult to eat and swallow. Other than that delicious! I wouldn't recommend it if you don't like slimy things though. Last but not least, my favourite dish, the oysters with ginger and garlic. My favourite oysters used to be oyster Kilpatrick, but now it's this. The fresh oyster was topped with crushed ginger and garlic and sprinkling of spring onions, so simple, yet delicious. I would rate our lunch 7.5/10

Afternoon delight:

As we were strolling along Beijing Lu, my Aunty and I spotted an egg waffle stand. I got super excited. I've been wanting to try this for so long after all the hype on Instagram and Facebook. They are also available in Jakarta, but none of the places had great reviews so I was to skeptical to try them. I believe they originated from Hong Kong, but I couldn't pass up the chance to try them now, not wanting to risk not finding them in HK.

Cheese flavoured egg waffle (CN

My Aunt ordered the original flavour and I, the cheese flavour. It was served piping hot and it was perfect! It was soft, fluffy and chewy. They were just really fun to eat. I thought the cheese flavour was not very strong as I was hoping melted pieces of cheese within the bubbles, but they actually added cheese into the batter and they all melted together unevenly. However, after tasting the original flavour, the cheese was much better because there was a hint of savouriness to it. Yummm! I would rate it 7.5/10


After the past few days of constantly feasting on Chinese food, my family and I were too overwhelmed to eat at another Chinese food restaurant. So we went to another extreme and ate at a fast food joint. We tried out a branch of Cafe de Coral that's located on the 4th floor of Grand View Mall. 

Rice with crumbed chicken and minced beef

I ordered the rice topped with beef bolognaise and crumbed chicken. It was a very filling dish. The bolognaise was Asian-ised, I could taste some Asian herbs in it, but it was tasty and it was interesting having bolognaise with rice. The crumbed chicken was just your typical crumbed chicken, so nothing special, but filling. This dish also came with free warm tea and cost CNY 28. I would rate this dish 7/10.

That, was sadly the last thing we ate in Guangzhou. Nothing too exciting, but interesting. I would love to come back to Guangzhou and explore further, especially the foods.


Lunch (Unsure of the name of the restaurant)
Corner of Yanjiang East Road and Dashatou 2nd Road
Yuexiu District
Next to Garden Inn

Egg Waffle
Stumbled upon this as we were walking along Beijing Road

Cafe De Coral
Inside Grand View Mall (4th floor)
228 Tianhe Road

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