Long Awaited Meeting with James Parker - Northbridge

Yes, yes, yes, I can't stay away from good Japanese food. This time, I finally tried James Parker. This restaurant doesn't need any introductions and I've been a fool for not dining here earlier! I visited this place with my good friend Miss D and as we were dining on a weeknight, we were lucky enough to reserve a tablet last minute. They nicely warned us we can only have the table for two hours. So I laughed and said, if you can get the food out quickly we'll be done in half an hour.

3 Fish Sashimi ($34)

JP's Duck ($22)

The first two dishes we devoured were the sashimi and JP's duck. The sashimi was so fresh it tasted like the ocean (or whatever body of water they came from). They were perfectly delicious on their own and I usually love soy sauce on everything, but for this occasion, the fish was the lone hero. The sashimi was a great opener for the duck, we went from subtle tastes to punches of flavour. The dark sauce was delicious and the duck perfectly cooked. I think if the skin was crispy this dish would've been even better, but it was pretty darn good just as it was.

Aburi Wagyu Roll ($25)

Mushroom Tempura ($26)

Then came the aburi wagyu roll and mushroom tempura. Both these dishes were very enjoyable. I loved the smokiness on the wagyu beef and the sushi rice was delicious, the perfect texture. The mushroom was crispy and juicy. The enoki tempura was my favourite as it was the most crispy, it was like eating a slightly healthier version of French fries. The tempura sauce was also very tasty and complemented the mushrooms well.

Kamogawa ($15)

For desserts, we shared the kamogawa. This dish came with a cheesecake and lemon sorbet. The cheesecake was very creamy. Disappointingly, the bottom of the cheesecake was not a cookie crust, but a light sponge cake, so it was missing a bit of crunch. In saying that it tasted amazing, light but indulgent. If you don't like creamy desserts then the sorbet is the component for you. It cleared out palates right up and left a refreshing taste in our mouths.

So glad I finally got to try James Parker and thanks to Miss D, who have been here before, we chose all the delicious dishes and had a very satisfying dinner!

Ratings: /10
Food: 9
Value: 8
Atmosphere: 9
Service: 8
Overall: 8.5/10

Restaurant information:

James Parker
Shop 2, 182 James Street
Ph: 9328 2525

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