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In my circle of friends, it is general knowledge that if you go to Melbourne, you have to go to Menya Ramen to try their gyu tan don. As this trip was Mr. T's first time to Melbourne, Menya was high on our to-do list. The day finally came for Mr. T to have his first glorious taste of Menya's gyu tan don. We went on a Sunday morning, straight after Mass at St. Francis' Church, which was very close by. As mass ended a little earlier than expected, we became the very first customers at Menya.

Being the first customer of the day certainly had its perks, we got to sit wherever we want and the food came out quickly. Oh, and as I'm writing this Mr. T is reminding me to tell everyone about the fact that you get free fruit and mint infused water at Menya!

Gyoza ($7.30)

So, as if to draw the suspense of our gyu tan don, the gyoza was served first. The gyoza was great! The skin was nice and soft and the bottom had a nice crunch. The filling was also very tasty. The gyoza was the perfect moist, not too wet and sticky that the skin falls apart and not too dry.

Gyu Tan Don ($17.50)

So, to the reason we visited Menya Ramen, their gyu tan don. Ok, so this dish a little pricey, especially compared to everything else on the menu which was about $12-15. But, they are large portions. I did feel there was too much rice compared to the tongue, but now I'm nitpicking. Overall, the flavour of the tongue was delicious. The tongue is cut thinly so it melts in your mouth and it's not tough like how some barbecued tongue can get. The sauce on the tongue also melts onto the rice, so even the rice itself is tasty.

Overall, we were both satisfied by our meal. The gyu tan don tasted great and the portion was very generous!

Ratings: /10
Food: 8
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 7
Service: 7
Overall: 7.3/10

Restaurant information

Menya Ramen
437 Elizabeth Street
Ph: (03) 9328 8928

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