Concrete Paradise in Chinta - Mount Hawthorn

Mondays are the only day I'm able to brunch due to work and Church commitments. We all know that's the worst day for it, many cafes are closed on Mondays, and absolutely no one else I know is free to brunch on Mondays. Especially after Miss D just had to get herself a full time job. I know, how inconsiderate of her! Then one public holiday, my opportunity to brunch blew wide open. So of course I took it with open arms. 

This time I knew exactly where I wanted to go to, Chinta. The name is so romantic and everytime I drive past it looks like they're hiding paradise behind those windows. On this particular Monday morning we thought we should come early to avoid the rush. We did, but just barely. We were seated on the bar seating, which I was disappointed about, as I wanted to sit under those lovely red umbrellas. But, it was still very nice and cool there.

Summer Brisket ($23)

After long consideration, I chose the summer brisket. I'm not sure the picture did it justice, but this dish was huge. The mound of brisket sat on a pile of Asian slaw, on top of a brioche bun. It also came with two poached eggs covered with hollandaise sauce. I thought the hollandaise sauce lacked flavour, but the beef brisket was full of it. The beef was saucy and tender. I didn't think the hollandaise sauce and the brisket sauce made too much sense together, but it was good individually.

Gua Bao "Benny Buns" ($20)

Mr. T ordered the Gua Bao. These were deconstructed beef brisket buns. The beef brisket in this dish was completely different than the one in my dish. I loved the flavour of the beef in the buns more! The beef was cut into bite size pieces and it was sitting in its own tasty gravy. It also came with a great tasting hoisin sauce. As we had to construct the buns ourselves, it became a bit messy, but it was great fun.

Yes, I loved this brunch session, I've missed brunch so much and was glad we had a good experience at Chinta. The Gua Bao was a great tasty dish, the beef brisket was not bad, but not my favourite brunch dish.

Ratings: /10
Food: 7.5
Price: 6
Atmosphere: 8
Service: 7.5
Overall: 7.3/10

Restaurant information

29 Scarborough Beach Road
North Perth
Ph: 9242 8887

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