Totally Famised for Thai - Carlisle

One cuisine I never say no to: Thai food. One Thai restaurant that I've been wanting try was Totally Thai in Carlisle. I've heard good things and I've been very curious. So when Mr. T suggested we go eat out, I consulted my list of restaurants I want to try and Totally Thai was it! Fortunately for us, they still had a table for us available!

When we arrived, the restaurant was only a quarter full, but by the time we finished ordering it was already full and loud.

Pad Thai ($21.90)

Of course, the first dish we ordered had to be pad thai. As you can see, Totally Thai's pad thai was presented uniquely. The mound of noodles was covered with a netted omelette, and they placed crushed peanuts, sugar and dried chilli on the leaf. We omitted the sugar and chilli flakes, but mixed in the peanuts and bean sprouts into the noodles. The pad thai was tasty, it was one of the sauciest pad thai I've ever had which was nice, but it was a bit too spicy for me. So glad we didn't add the chilli flakes!

Pla Sam Rod ($27.90)

The pla sam rod is a whole deep fried barramundi with a sticky spicy sauce. Again, we loved the presentation, especially the side of flowers and fruits. I definitely thought the sauce was delicious, but again too spicy. I thought the barramundi had an odd texture, it actually reminded me of deep fried tofu. Turns out Mr. T totally agreed, so it wasn't just me. We really liked how the fish was already filleted and battered in smaller pieces, because there's nothing worse than cleaning out fish bones with a fork and spoon!

Mango Sticky Rice ($14.90)

To polish off our dinner, we ordered the mango sticky rice for desserts. Well, that mango was delicious, it was fresh, juicy and sweet. The mango sorbet was a little bit icy, but it tasted great. The sticky rice was soft and fluffy, but I thought it was a bit too savoury, which made eating it all together a little bit odd.

Overall, we were a bit torn on Totally Thai. We enjoyed the dishes, but some aspects of every dish was a bit off. Also, for those prices, we were expecting better seating. But, because the restaurant was so full and they crammed it with all those tables, at the end of the dinner, we actually had to shift our table so I could get out of my seat. Also, we could hear every conversation from the table next to us, slightly awkward. 

Ratings: /10
Food: 7.5
Price: 6.5
Atmosphere: 6.5
Service: 8
Overall: 7/10

Restaurant information

Totally Thai Eating House
1/46 Planet Street
Ph: 9470 5598

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