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Just before Christmas Mr. T and I decided to have a short staycation in Fremantle. This was mostly to beat the festive season busy-ness and also because we weren't going to have the festive season off from work. So, when I say staycation, of course food was going to be a big part our our day! As we haven't been to Freo in a few months, we were very excited to visit and try everything that has caught our eye from people's posts on social media.

Poke bowl from IPoke Bar (Small $12)

The first stall we visited as IPoke Bar. I have been dreaming about their poke bowls ever since I saw the photos! You can sense the freshness and the tastiness just by their photos. It's even better in real life. Now, I can't remember everything they put into my bowl, but there was brown rice, leafy greens, prawns and edamame beans. This was delicious! I had to fight Mr. T for my fair share as he was just scooping mouthfuls into his mouth non-stop! And, I actually felt healthier after I ate it!

Twist potato with Cheese and Bacon from Collabo ($7.90)

After the light and satisfying starter we had, I decided for something the exact opposite. The deep fried twisted potato smothered with bacon, cheese and tomato sauce. It is actually quite difficult to eat this while standing up, so getting seats is highly recommended. As it looks and sound, there's nothing healthy about this dish, except for the fact potato is a vegetable, so it's pretty much a salad, right? Well, either way, this was deep fried and delicious, there was plenty of topping and it's served piping hot and fresh.

Sticky Rice and Mango Waffle from Muffle & Co. ($12)

For desserts we just had to have the egg waffle from Muffle & Co.. Personally, I was going to go for something smothered in chocolate, but Mr. T convinced me to try their mango sticky rice Muffle. Well, he made the right decision! This was sweet, tasty and satisfying. They put some white chocolate within the waffle itself, which was a nice surprise. The mango and coconut sorbet was creamy and refreshing, while the sticky rice added a really nice sweetness!

So, those were just some of the treats we had from the Fremantle Markets. We love how everytime we come here there's always something to discover or re-discover and at the end of it all we leave with happy tummies!

Stalls information

IPoke Bar
Across Muffle & Co.
Instagram: @ipokebar

Stall 8
Ph: 0403 644 653

Muffle & Co.
Stall 98
Instagram: @muffleandco

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