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Our third day in Kuala Lumpur was our day to spend in the city centre and its surrounds. Before we got there though, we decided to have a very Malaysian traditional breakfast of nasi lemak. 

We decided to try the nasi lemak at Restoran Win Heng Seng in Imbi. The nasi lemak stall is located just outside of the restaurant. How it works, it has all the elements of the nasi lemak pre-cooked and ready to serve. The customer can pick and choose which elements on offer they want and each element has a price for each serve, so that price will be added to the base rice price.

Nasi Lemak (RM 7.50)

Nasi Lemak (RM 8.50)

Between Mr. T and I we probably tried most of the elements on offer. It was a little bit difficult to tell what everything was as it was mostly covered in a delicious, rich curry sauce. Overall, these nasi lemak were delicious. The rice itself was aromatic, tasty and creamy. The elements tasted quiet similar to each other, but it all complemented the rice very well. 

After that nasi lemak feast, we could not pass up the pastry party dessert on offer at the restaurant. The stall above is not a rare sight in Kuala Lumpur, but even on a full stomach, this stall with all its golden pastry was irresistible. We decided to try the egg tart and their siew bao (pork inside the pastry). The egg tart was crumbly and buttery, but the custard definitely lacked flavour. The pastry of the siew bao was also very buttery, but it lacked the pork filling. (For the Perthian readers, Mr. Chang's bakery in Thornlie is on par if not better than these Malaysian bakery stalls!)

After our breakfast we made our way to the Petronas Twin Towers. We had pre-booked our tickets to the tower online beforehand, so we knew what time we had to be there.

Twin Towers Skybridge

View from the Skybridge

The Twin Towers tour was very well organised, it gives every visitor a chance to enjoy the views and experience without too much crowd. First, every visitor was taken to the Skybridge, which is the bridge that connects the two towers together. The view from the Skybridge was amazing. It's a great way to see the whole city of Kuala Lumpur.

After 10 minutes in the Skybridge we were taken even higher to the observation deck. The view from the observation deck was even more stunning. And, the observation deck was filled with displays to keep you entertained during your visit, if the views were not enough.

Following our visit to the Twin Towers, we were already feeling peckish again. So we decided to snack on the famous Mr. Chiam's pisang goreng (banana fritters) in Brickfields.

Banana Fritter (RM 1.30 each), Curry Puff (RM 1.50 each), Bola Bijan (RM 1.30 each)

Mr. Chiam's banana fritters have been hailed as the best banana fritters in Kuala Lumpur, even in Malaysia and during certain times of the day there would be a long queue just to get a taste of the banana fritters. We were certainly impressed by the banana fritters. The banana was sweet and soft, and the batter was fried to crisp perfection. However, I do think Indonesian banana fritters are better as it was a different crumb and Indonesians use a different type of bananas which are firmer so holds its shape much better.

Our third day in KL certainly made us feel like locals, despite acting like two silly tourists in the twin towers. But, there's one more food adventure we have to tell you about, so keep reading!


Restoran Win Heng Seng
183 Jalan Imbi
Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Kuala Lumpur

Brickfields Pisang Goreng
95 Jalan Padang Belia
Kuala Lumpur
Ph: +60 12 617 2511

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