Up Up and Away to Genting Highlands - Kuala Lumpur

A place that everyone told us to visit while in Kuala Lumpur was the Genting Highlands. It's the Las Vegas of Kuala Lumpur and situated on a very scenic mountain. Mr. T and I went there on our second day in Kuala Lumpur. We were planning on going on the cable car, however, unfortunately, on the day we were there, the cable cars were under maintenance. We had to settle with driving there, not as scenic, but just as effective. 

There are different hotels in Genting Highlands, we decided on First World Resort first as we heard it was the newest and most family-friendly. First World Resort was certainly the most kid-friendly, it's very colourful complete with a child-friendly theme park inside. Mr. T and I were not too interested by the rides so we ended up just walking around and window shopped.

Inside First World Resort, Genting Highlands

When it came to lunch time, we chose one of the few restaurants there, Hou Mei. This place seemed the busiest, so we had high hopes.

Assam Laksa (RM 21)

Sui Kaw Soup (RM 20)

Dry Hor Fun (RM 21)

We ended up being disappointed in the food. The dry hor fun Mr. T had was bland and really dry. The assam laksa I had was just sour and the noodles was way too firm. The sui kaw soup was decent. For those who don't know, sui kaw is pretty much wontons. In the end we finished the sui kaw and left the rest. 

After lunch we walked a short walk to Genting Grand. Genting Grand was a much more luxurious hotel than First World, but there was not much to see in terms of shopping. It certainly had a very large and lively casino!

After our visit to Genting Grand we decided to start driving back down to Kuala Lumpur, but we made a short stop at Chin Swee Temple, which is a Buddhist temple built by the same person who built and owned First World Hotel and Genting Grand.

Statue of Lim Goh Tong

The views of the forest and the hilltop were breathtaking from the Chin Swee temple and the air was so cool and fresh, it was like stepping into a fridge.

After our visit to the Chin Swee temple we decided to go back down to Kuala Lumpur in search of Durian!

... To be continued


Genting Highlands
(First World Resort & Genting Grand)

Hou Mei
Level 2, First World Plaza

Chin Swee Caves Temple


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