Family Date Night With Mr. Munchies - Victoria Park

Judging by my posts, it probably seems like all we've been living off is sushi and fried chicken, but I assure you, we have salad very occasionally too! A few weekends back, my family and I were aimlessly driving through Albany Highway trying to think of where to eat. I then laid my eyes on Mr. Munchies! Once we got sushi into our heads, nothing else seemed good enough. So off we went to Mr. Munchies. 

I've only been to the Mr. Munchies in Mt. Lawley once before and have ordered a customised sushi roll, but this time we focused on their sushi rolls menu instead to get the full Mr. Munchies experience.

Naughty Coconut Roll ($19.50)

We ordered the naughty coconut roll as we were intrigued by the description on the menu. The flavours seemed so un-sushi like that we just had to try it. Well, we liked it, but didn't love it. From the coconut tamarind sauce, there was a nice creamy texture. But, there was a sour flavour that was a bit strange and out of place. Interesting concept though.

Crunchy Spider Roll ($17.50)

We also ordered the spider roll, because, well, soft shell crab is always a good idea. We loved this roll, we loved the flavours and the texture and there was a generous amount of soft shell crab as well!

Katsu Kilpatrick Roll ($16.50)

Everyone also really enjoyed the katsu kilpatrick. The chicken katsu provided the crunch, the cheese provided the creamy texture which really worked well together. And, of course bacon never hurts!

Mr. Munchies Roll ($16.50)

2 Ways Duck Roll ($19.50)

To get the full Mr. Munchies experience we also ordered the Mr. Munchies roll. This was more reminiscent of a traditional sushi roll. We also really enjoyed the flavours of this roll. But, our favourite dish of the day had to be 2 Ways Duck Roll. The duck was tender, juicy and tasty. As if the duck wasn't enough, there was also prawn in this dish! Winner!

Everyone really enjoyed the dinner at Mr. Munchies. This is definitely the place to go to in Perth for modern and tasty sushi!

Ratings: /10
Food: 8.5
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 8
Service: 8
Overall: 7.9/10

Restaurant Information:

Mr. Munchies Sushi
400 Albany Highway
Victoria Park
Ph: 6323 1521

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