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Not too long after Three Little Piggies' dinner at Nunam Thai, Miss Di organised another dinner. This time though, we became the Four Little Piggies as Miss Lydia was able to join us! When I received the invite, I had a feeling someone was going to make a big announcement, woman's intuition is a powerful thing! Anyway, she organised dinner for us at Monggo Restaurant, an Indonesian restaurant. I was so glad she chose this place, I've been itching to try it, but couldn't find the right group of people to accompany me here.

Once everyone had arrived, we were going through the menu carefully. At first sight it seemed the menu made up of traditional Indonesian foood with focus on Balinese dishes. In the end, Miss Lydia and I, the two Indonesians in the group, took control over the ordering. Below are the dishes we tried during our dinner.

Satay Chicken ($10.90)

As we're in an Indonesian restaurant, it just felt right to start dinner with satay chicken. The portion was perfect for the four of us. We also really enjoyed the flavours of the dish and the size of the individual sticks was just right. However, for the size of the dish we thought it was a little pricey. 

Mie Goreng Bali ($15.90)
Gulai Bebek on Yellow Rice ($22.90)

The first main dishes to come out were the Balinese Mie Goreng and the Duck in Gulai sauce with yellow rice dish. The mie goreng was tasty, a little too salty for my taste though. Also, being an Indonesia dish I was expecting this dish to be darkened with sweet soy sauce which I thought it lacked. I enjoyed the duck dish a lot more. The duck was a teensy bit drier than I would've liked, but other than that, I loved the crispy skin, the sauce and the yellow rice. I had to stop myself from continously picking from this dish so everyone could have enough!

Jimbaran Fish ($17.90)

Another dish that really satisfied my tastebuds was the Jimbaran fish. This was more like the traditional dish I'm used to, covered with multiple herbs that's subtle but still present. It was grilled to perfection too, with just the right amount of charring, but the flesh still tender and juicy. This had to be my favourite dish of the night and I didn't even try to stop myself from demolishin the dish.

Vegetarian Jakarta Nasi Goreng ($14.50)

To round off the dinner we also ordered the vegetarian nasi goreng. They had actually forgot this dish, but after we queried it, the dish was served within two minutes. The flavours on this was similar to the mie goreng and like the mie goreng I felt this dish lacked the sweet soy sauce that traditional Indonesia nasi goreng would have. 

Before this dinner, I was expecting Monggo to serve traditional Indonesian dishes, in reality it serves contemporary Indonesian food. I would've known this had I checked out their website earlier! Nevertheless, I was not disappointed. I thought the food was a little on the expensive side and the mie goreng and nasi goreng didn't blow me away, but the other dishes certainly impressed me.

Oh and if you were wondering, the announcement made during this dinner was, Miss Di is engaged!! WHOOP!

Food: 7.5/10
Value: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Overall: 7.6/10

Restaurant Information

Monggo Restaurant
683C Beaufort Street
Mount Lawley
Ph: 9471 8288
Facebook: Monggo Restaurant

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Disclaimer: Prices and restaurant information were true and correct on 23 Nov 2015. Prices inclusive of 10% GST.

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