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During Uni semesters, Broadway in Nedlands is always packed with students looking for an affordable and delicious feed, especially during lunch. Well I was one of those students not too long ago. There was one place I've never entered though, the Varsity Bar. One, I don't drink alcohol, so going to a bar, during a weekday lunch-time no less, did not appeal to me. Two, the prices on the menu were nearly double the average prices of other restaurants in Broadway. As a penniless uni student, living off my parents' money, every dollar was precious!

So now, a couple of years later, with a bit more change in my pocket, I was curious to try Varsity Bar. My curiousity was sparked when I went to Ciao Italia in Nedlands a couple of weeks ago and saw that Varsity Bar was a buzz with activities!

The Cheeseburger ($12)
So, mum ordered the cheeseburger. Yes, I brought my mum to a bar! She totally enjoyed it! Anyway, this cheeseburger was delicious! The beef was tender, juicy and flavoursome. The cheese was all melted and oozy, the bread was fluffy yet crispy. The beef was topped with the Varsity mayo, which was rich and savoury. This was my favourite dish of the day!

Chicken Waffle Sandwich ($20)

The dish I ordered was the Chicken Waffle Sandwich. On paper it sounded perfect! Ever since I ate the chicken waffle dish at Mary Street Bakery, all chicken waffle dish made me drool. This dish was, unfortunately, sub-par. The waffle was soft and fluffy, but too thin. The bottom waffle was smaller than the top one, making it very messy to eat. The chicken was drizzled with spiced maple syrup, which was delicious, but soaked through the waffle and lettuce, which made it even messier. The chicken was massive and tasty, but unfortunately not crispy. So, there were positives and negatives on this dish, but honestly, I would not order it again.

K.C. Grinder ($21)

Mr. T ordered the K.C Grinder, which was a hot dog bun filled with deboned pork ribs, coleslaw and crispy frito strips. This was another tasty dish, very saucy and textural. The ribs was tender and melt-in-your mouth, the slaw was nice and fresh and the dressing complemented the ribs sauce very well. The frito chips added a nice crunchiness to the dish! Winning dish!

The portions at Varsity Bar are gigantic, so I can understand their prices. Most dishes on their menu comes with a generous side of beer battered fries, which was so well cooked, you can hear the crunch from a mile away! The chicken waffle dish also came with a sweet and sour sauce which we all dipped our chips into, with a hint of heat as well, it made the chips even better!

If you're going to go to Varsity Bar for the first time, then I suggest sticking to their burgers first as it was definitely the best dish we had today! Overall I would rate Varsity Bar 7.5/10.

Restaurant information:

Varsity Bar
88 Broadway Street
Ph: (08) 9386 5147
Instagram: @varsitybar

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Disclaimer: All restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 13th May2015. Prices included 10% GST.

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