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Saturday should be renamed Brunchday. Following the tradition of so many people and myself, Saturday is a day to check out the latest cafes or go back to old favourites. Last Saturday Mr. T and I did the former and ventured down to Hylin in West Leederville. The weather was atrocious but that didn't stop us, and many people as there was a massive crowd in Hylin. 

It took about half a hour to finally get a table, but at least the waiting time gave us time to ponder over the menu and chose what we want to eat. 

The first item to be served was Mr. T's mocha. The coffee was strong and smooth and there was a nice kick of chocolate as well. It was really thick and creamy and really enjoyable. Such a good start.

For the mains, I chose the Mushroom Haloumi burger. The menu stated that it comes with coleslaw, which I was hesitant about as I really don't enjoy coleslaw. I was hoping it would come with chips instead, but that wasn't a deal breaker.

Mushroom Haloumi Burger ($14.50)

The burger was massive! They were so generous with the filling. There was three field musrooms piled on top of each other, along with plenty of well cooked haloumi cheese, rocket salad, capsicum and sauteed onions between the buns. It was a tasty and satisfying burger and all the flavours went well together. The biggest surprise for me was the coleslaw, it was delicious! The cabbage was still crunchy and the dressing was tasty. The coleslaw was my favourite of the dish.

New Yorker Ruben ($9)

Mr. T ordered the New Yorker Ruben, it was the most interesting sounding bagel on the menu. When the dish came out we were really excited by the oozing melted cheese. We went halfies on the burger and the bagel. I thought the burger was great, but this bagel was even better! There is pastrami, cheese and coleslaw inside the bagel and it was just packed with flavours. Word of warning though, there's a spicy kick to the bagel which is not mentioned in the menu, but it's not too overpowering. What made the dish was those bagels, it is so tasty and so aromatic, with rock salt, rosemary, poppy and sesame seeds. The rock salts really elevated the flavour of the whole bagel and fillings! This was definitely the winning dish of the day.

As it was really crowded and noisy, we could hardly hold a conversation, and we rushed out as soon as we were done eating to allow people in the queue to get a table. If you have the luxury to do so, I would definitely recommend checking out Hylin on a weekday instead.

We highly enjoyed the food and coffee at Hylin and really want to go back to try other dishes. I would rate Hylin 8.5/10.

Restaurant info:

Website: http://www.hylin.com.au/
Instagram: @hylin_westleederville

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Disclaimer: All prices and restaurant information was true and correct on 16th May 2015.

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