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I always refer to Urbanspoon to give me ideas of where to eat, it is such a handy website and app. One restaurant that has been top 10 "Talk of the town" is The Old Laundry Bar and Eatery, so when another opportunity arose for brunch I immediately suggested we go there.

The cafe is located on Angove Street in North Perth, that street is already packed with other cool cafes and so parking can be a challenge. We were fortunate enough to be able to venture here on a weekday, even then it took a few minutes before we found a spot. The Old Laundry is spacious with plenty of outdoor seatings, which was redundant on this particular rainy day. There was also bar seating available. We chose a seat next to the window and started poring over the menu.

After umming and ahhing over the menu I finally settled on poached eggs with pork hock, peas, potatoes and pesto.

Pork Hock, green peas, potatoes and pesto ($21)

This dish is certainly very pretty and well presented. The menu did say pork hock, peas and potatoes, but I wasn't expecting all those ingredients to be mixed into the fritter, which I was disappointed about as there was very little pork hock and peas. The eggs were very well cooked, the pesto was nice, savoury and garlicky, again I just wished there was more there. The salad was sparse, there was three leaves of red cabbage and very little rocket. The dish overall needed more seasoning, however they do not provide salt, there were two pepper mills on the table, but no salt grinders. We even went to check on the table where they kept cutleries and water, but there were only pepper available.

The dish my brother chose was the Moroccan baked eggs. He also ordered an extra side of sausages.

Moroccan oven baked eggs ($17) with extra sausages ($4)

This dish was a lot tastier than my dish. The tomato sugo was sweet and savoury, the eggs were cooked really well. The beans were so soft and tender. Overall the dish was full of flavour, but would've been even better with a little bit more salt. The extra side of sausages was a great choice, adding more substance to the dish and it was cooked perfectly. I loved mopping up the tomato sauce with the bread!

My brother also ordered a cappuccino, which he said was really strong and smooth. I thought the coffee was very well priced at only $3.50, certainly one of the cheaper coffees I've seen in cafes in Perth.

Cappuccino ($3.50)

The Old Laundry was nice, but, unfortunately, I wasn't left amazed and wanting more. The service was great, they were fast, attentive and helpful. I loved the interior of the cafe and the outdoor seating looked really cosy. But, I hate to say it, but I probably won't be back any time soon. I would rate The Old Laundry 6.5/10.

Restaurant information:

Old Laundry Bar & Eatery on Urbanspoon
Facebook: The Old Laundry
Instagram: @theoldlaundry
Disclaimer: All prices and restaurant information was correct and true on 18th May 2015. Prices includes 10% GST. 

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