Bali Day Three

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Our third day in Bali was also our last day in Bali =(. Unfortunately it also had to be a short day as we had a plane home to catch later in the day. But, we still packed as much into our day as possible.

To start our day we needed a hearty breakfast, and what's better than pork?! We went to to Pak Dobiel, which serves suckling pork very similar to Babi Guling Candra. This place was also featured in the May edition of the the Jetstar magazine. Pak Dobiel is very well known and sells out very quickly, they are only open until 4pm everyday, but may run out much earlier than that.

Roast Pork with rice (Rp. 45,000)

The place is small and cosy, with simple wooden tables and benches. When you sit down, similar as at Babi Guling Candra, they just ask how many serves you wanted. Unlike Candra, they don't serve chicken, they only serve their roast pork. The dish was rice topped with roast pork, shredded pork with chilli, steamed spinach, Balinese pork sausage and crispy pork skin. The dish also came with a bowl of warm spicy soup with more pork. I preferred Pak Dobiel rather than Candra in terms of flavour. The spiciness was still too much for me though.

After breakfast we did a spot of shopping near Seminyak and bought some clothes and sarongs. Afterwards we decided to do something fancy and ventured to Mulia resort. We've heard so much about this place, even our driver told us we had to visit just to see what it was all about. 

Mulia Resort Lobby
View from Lobby Balcony
Chapel at Mulia Resort

The Mulia resort was the definition of luxurious, we spent about an hour just walking and exploring the area. Sadly, as we were not guests at the hotel, swimming in their pools was not allowed. We also enjoyed drinks and sushi at their cafe, Cascade Lounge, located on the balcony of the lobby. 

Spider roll

The view was amazing, the service was quick and friendly and the food was great! They also had a really cute bakery selling adorable chocolate faberge eggs! I definitely know where I want to stay for our next visit to Bali!

After a relaxing visit to Mulia resort, we decided more shopping was needed. We were taken to Beachwalk in Kuta. Beachwalk is a shopping centre that is similar to Watertown in Perth, but on a much fancier level. Parts of the shopping centre is undercover and some are not. It is filled with both Indonesian and International brands and holds a food court on the 3rd floor. After shopping and little bit of eating our way through Beachwalk, it was nearly time so say goodbye to Bali. But we had one more stop to make!

For our last dinner in Bali, we decided we were still craving martabak! So we made our way to Martabak Guik Uyee, a martabak restaurant which sells savoury and sweet martabak. Savoury martabak is similar to gozleme or murtabak. It is filo pastry filled with eggs, meat and spring onion then deep fried! 

Nasi Jinggo (Rp. 7,000)
Large Martabak telor (savoury) (Rp. 38,000)
Martabak with cheese, chocolate and peanuts (Rp. 25,000)

As well as trying both sweet and savoury martabak, Mr. T decided to try their nasi jinggo as well. Nasi (rice) jinggo is rice with meat and sauce wrapped in banana leaves. The portion of the nasi jinggo was small, but for the price it was expected. It was delicious, the rice was nice and tender and the beef was also tender and the sauce was tasty. The savoury martabak was the winning dish, it was fluffy yet crispy and the flavour was delightful! We thought the sweet martabak were also tasty, but too oily as they had spread too much butter on it, it was getting to the point where it became slippery and messy to eat. The cake was not as soft as the martabak we had at London Terbul the night before. We preferred the London Terbul for sweet martabak.

After our dinner at Martabak Guik Uyee, we had to rush back to the hotel, pack then off we went to the airport. It was such a fun filled three days! 

I would love to hear about your experiences in Bali! Feel free to comment below!


Warung Babi Guling Pak Dobiel
Jl. Srikandi No. 9
Nusa Dua
Ph: +62 361 771 663
Opening hours:
Mon - Sun
9am - 4pm
Click to add a blog post for Warung Babi Guling Sari Dewi Bp. Dobiel on Zomato

The Mulia Resort & Villas
Ph: +62 361 302 7777

Beachwalk Shopping Centre
Jl. Pantai Kuta
Ph: +62 361 8464 888

Martabak Guik Uyee
Jl. Teuku Umar Barat / Marlboro 28C

Disclaimer: All prices and information was true and correct on 18th-20th April 2015.


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