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Another Saturday, another opportunity to eat out! This time it was to try Spice Express in Myaree, a restaurant I've walked past many times before to reach Sundays Everyday, but never thought of trying because I thought they were exclusively vegetarian and I'm too much of a carnivore for that.

Ok, so in my relationship with Mr. T, I'm usually very assertive in regards to where we eat. This is because everytime we discuss eating out, he always allows me to decide. He's one of those people that goes to the same restaurant over and over again, he knows what he likes and sticks to it. I'm the exact opposite and will complain if we go to the same places too many times, so I think he's given up and just lets me choose where we eat (sorry Mr. T)! However, he was the one to introduce me to Spice Express. 

We had an appointment in Myaree, and for the sake of formality, I asked him where he would like to have lunch. I was taken aback when I saw his face lit up like a child's on Christmas morning, and said we were going to Spice Express. I was not keen to begin with, but he was not taking no for an answer, so off we went!

When we arrived I was even more surprised to see a line outside of Spice Express. I began to see a glimmer of hope. It took about 15 minutes for us to get a table and I was immediately proven wrong about Spice Express being a vegetarian restaurant when I saw chicken wings at another diners' table. By this point my meat-loving heart was getting very excited. 

Chicken wings ($2 ea.), Sardine curry puff ($2 ea.)

For entree Mr. T ordered for us the chicken wings and sardine curry puff. They were both so tasty. The chicken wings was crispy but juicy at the same time. It is reminiscent of the Inchi Kabin chicken at Ipoh, a lot of asian herbs and spices. It was so aromatic and delicious. The sardine curry puff was my favourite. The skin was crispy, although a bit more oily than I would like, I could hardly taste the sardine as the curry flavour was strong. They both made for a great start to our meal.

Nasi lemak ($7.50)

Mr. T ordered the Nasi Lemak. It doesnt seem like there's a lot on the plate, but they just use really large plates. The dish comes with steamed rice, omelette, peanutes, anchovies, peanuts and sambal. We dipped everything into the sambal and it was delicious! If you really need meat in your dish then I suggest ordering the chicken wings to go with it. Or, they also serve various curries.

Mee Rebus

As for me, I ordered their mee rebus. I was planning on ordering a curry dish with rice, but when I saw this being served to another table, I just had to try it. Noodles in thick soup, my absolute all time favourite type of food! The mee rebus is egg noodles in potato gravy, topped with cubed fried bean curd and a boiled egg. So simple yet so full of flavours. The soup was very thick and flavoursome. Mr T. ended up eating a third of the dish while I was busy taking photos of the other dishes!

I was certainly put in my place about Spice Express. I loved the Indian and Malaysian fusion of flavours. Although most of their dishes are vegetarian, they also have an array of options for us meat-lovers. Their prices were also very reasonable. I will certainly be back to try other dishes. I would rate Spice Express 8/10.

Post update (16th August 2015)

Mr. T and I visited Spice Express yet again. This time I tried the biryani rice with chicken and Mr. T had the mee goreng with extra sambal.

Mee Goreng ($9) chicken wings ($2) and extra sambal

I thought the mee goreng was not very flavourful, but the sambal packs a punch and when eaten together it was very well balanced. Adding the chicken wings is also highly recommended! They go very well together.

Biryani Rice with Chicken ($12) with savoury Indian Donut ($2)

On the other hand my biryani rice was full of flavour! The chicken curry was a little too spicy for me. But, it became the perfect level of heat and flavour when mixed with the yogurt and the potato curry. I also ordered the savoury Indian donut out of curiousity. Alone the donut had a great fluffy texture, but was not tasty, it was perfect accompanied with the potato curry. 

I'm glad I got to try the mee goreng and the biryani rice (which is a very very popular dish here), but the mee rebus is still my favourite!

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Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 30th May 2015. Prices included GST.

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