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A signature Singapore dish is the Hainanese chicken rice. So it was only fitting that we visited Wee Nam Kee, dubbed by Mrs. M and hubby to be the best chicken rice they've ever had. Expectations were high, but admittedly I was still full from the lunch and snacks I had earlier. Like earlier in Paradise Dynasty, we arrived earlier than our normal meal times to avoid a queue and sure enough we were seated  straight away. 

There was no need to take too long perusing the menu, we knew what we were after, roast chicken and rice it was and sambal kang kong for good measure!

Half Roasted Chicken (SGD$16)

You may think that half a roast chicken between three adults would not be enough, well I'm not sure if they were just generous and the chickens are bigger in Singapore, but, there was certainly enough here for the three of us! In terms of taste, this chicken was the amazing! The flavour has seeped all through the tender meat and every bite was packed with flavour. The skin was not too crispy, but who cares when it's this tasty!

Hainanese Rice (SGD$2.40)

The chicken flavoured rice alone was fragrant and flavourful, this alone would stimulate a carnivore's appetite! This was the perfect accompaniment to the roast chicken!

Sambal Kang Kong - Medium (SGD$12)

The last dish served was the sambal kang kong. By this point I thought I was too full to eat too much of the kang kong, but after the sauce touched my tongue I couldn't stop. My conclusion, Singaporeans makes a mean sambal kang kong!

When you're in Singapore, Wee Nam Kee is a definite must-visit restaurant. Don't be fooled by the exterior and interior of this restaurant though, it looks very doubtful, especially in terms of hygiene, but they serve a mean chicken rice!

Ratings: /10
Food: 8.5
Value: 8
Atmosphere: 6.5
Service: 7
Overall: 7.5/10

Restaurant information

Wee Nam Kee
101 Thomson Road
#01-08 United Square
Ph: +65 6255 6396

Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 30th Jan 2016.

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