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As I mentioned in my Singapore Day 1 post, a seafood restaurant Mrs. M and her hubby could not stop talking about was New Ubin Seafood. They mentioned it to me prior to my arrival in Singapore and throughout the day. Needless to say, I was expecting some amazing seafood.

From our long, exciting and tiring day at the Zoo and River Safari, we made our way straight to New Ubin Seafood restaurant. This restaurant is located in the middle of an industrial area and at dinner time, it seemed like the area was abandoned, except for this restaurant. We arrived at about 6pm and it was already three quarters full of people halfway through their dinner. I've been told that without making reservations, to walk in a get a table would require a small miracle.

Being the tourist and guest, I left the ordering to Mrs. M and hubby.

Boss Bee Hoon (SGD$8)
Fried Rice (Free with US Black Angus Rib Eye Steak)
US Black Angus Rib Eye Steak (SGD$13/100gr)

All the dishes tasted amazing! I must also mention, we also ordered their kang kong (SGD$8 for small size) which we devoured before I remembered to take photos. My favourite dish of the night was the boss bee hoon, This dish had so much flavour going on, but it worked well. There was plenty of seafood running through it to enjoy and the bee hoon was soft, but did not lose its shape or firmness.

My second favourite dish had to be the black pepper crab. This would've been my favourite dish in terms of flavour, but as eating crab is messy business, it was a bit difficult to get to all the crab meat. But, the flavour was unbeatable! 

The last dish served was the steak. I was surprised to find it was pre-cut into bite size pieces, but this was nicer and more convenient to share. Mrs. M and hubby had said this was one of the best steaks they've had, ever! So, again, expectations were high. However, we were left a little disappointed when we found that the meat was a bit tough. The colour looked perfectly cooked to what we requested, but the beef was a bit chewy. But, I've been reassured this was a rare occurence and judging by how many other tables ordered this dish, I'm inclined to believe them.

My first day in Singapore had been so much fun and we closed it with a great dinner. If I hadn't been dining with "locals" I'm sure I would've never found this place! So thanks to Mrs. M and hubby for showing me this gem!

Restaurant information

New Ubin Seafood
#01-174, Block 27 Sin Ming Road
Ph:  +65 6466 9558
Facebook: New Ubin Seafood Restaurant

Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices was true and correct on 29th Jan 2016.

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