Singapore - Day 2

The excitement of visiting the Singapore Zoo, River Safari and New Ubin Seafood restaurant was probably enough for three days, but, that was only the beginning for us! On my second day in Singapore the focus was more on eating and shopping! 

After adequate sleep in, we finally made our way to breakfast. Mrs. M took me to Paradise Dynasty in ION Orchard. Read all about it here.

We then proceeded to window shop and had a nice a relaxing stroll through Orchard Road. By this I mean, we walked down Orchard Road with our eyes peeled from some ice cream sandwiches! Mrs. M assured me that we would have no trouble finding and ice cream sandwich stall, but it took a good 10 minutes until we found one on the our side of the street. It was as if Singapore was teasing us.

Ice Cream Wafer (SGD$1.10)
Ice Cream Sandwich (SGD$1.10)

When we finally found one, I was taking too long to decide which flavour ice cream I wanted, so Mrs. M convinced me, nay, forced me to try the sweet corn flavour. I have tried sweet corn flavoured ice cream from an oriental shop in Perth and was very disappointed, so I was a little apprehensive with this one. But, with the first bite, my worries melted away. The ice cream was smooth, thick and creamy. The colourful slice of bread tasted like plain bread, but was super fun to eat! What a cheap thrill!

After my ice cream sandwich craving was satisfied, we resumed our shopping. Mrs. M introduced me to a Japanese shop, Tokyu Hands. We spent a good hour browsing and trying out their skin care products! From cleaning products to toys, there's definitely something for everyone here.

Then to continue with our Japanese theme, we sat at Maccha House just outside of Tokyu Hands.

Matcha Set (SGD$3.90 each)

This cute Matcha Set came with hot water in the pot, matcha powder in the cup and Japanese Mochi. I also really appreciated that the hot water was free flow, so you can keep adding it to the matcha powder to dilute it further.

After sitting at Maccha House much longer than planned, it was time to meet up with Mrs. M's hubby to make our way to dinner and desserts. For dinner they took me to Wee Nam Kee, a delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice restaurant. Then for desserts, we went to a place nearby, Ah Chew Desserts.

Mochi Filled with Black Sesame or Peanuts (3 per portion)
Grass Jelly with Watermelon (SGD$3.00)
Mango Sago (SGD$3.80)

We arrived at Ah Chew just before the rush and got comfortable seats without queuing. I ordered the Mango Sago and Mrs. M and hubby shared the grass jelly with watermelon. The mango flavour in the mango sago was very strong and I loved the colour. There were also plenty of chopped mango in there. My favourite had to be the mochi! I used to think mochi in Indonesia was the best, but the mochi at Ah Chew was hard to beat! It was large and served still warm. When I  bit into it, the filling oozed out and it was very tasty. I preferred the peanut filled ones as it had a very nice crunch, but both were very enjoyable.  The mochi casing itself was also very smooth and soft. It was amazing!

After our bellies were full from chicken and mochi we made our way home to take Holly, Mrs. M and Hubby's dog for some exercise (we needed it more than she did).


Tokyu Hands (Orchard)
181 Orchard Road
#B1-07 Orchard Central
Ph:  +65 6834-3755

Maccha House
181 Orchard Road
#B1-40 Orchard Central
Ph: +65-6636-5830

Ah Chew Desserts
181 Thomson Road
Goldhill Shopping Centre
Ph: +65 6254-8198

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